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Daily Slice: Tutto Italiano, Hyde Park, MA

Slice Ed Kearns 7 comments

Good Sicilian-style slices are a rare commodity in this part of the world. Little did I know that some of the best could be found in a quiet, family-run market, wrapped in plastic. Oh, and did I mention they're only $1.50? More

An All-Pie Thanksgiving Revisited

New York Ed Levine Post a comment

A BY CITY GUIDE TO THANKSGIVING PIES I once wrote a piece for the New York Observer advocating the nation skip the turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes, and opt for an all pie Thanksgiving meal. A meal consisting of, say,... More

Best Lobster Rolls in Boston

Ed Levine Post a comment

In a move I wholeheartedly approve Boston Magazine sent writer Erin Byers to eat 20 lobster rolls in three weeks. I can do the math. That's just about a lobster roll a day. The winners: B&G Oysters 550 Tremont St., 617-423-0550. She calls it the "world's most perfect lobster roll." It's 8 ounces of lobster meat with a lemon-garlic mayo, chive and celery. Neptune Oyster 63 Salem St., 617-742-3474. This is Byers' warm lobster roll of choice. She describes it as "warm butter-basted claw and tail meat with drawn butter and butter-soaked brioche." I sense a butter theme present in this particular sandwich.... More

Best Ice Cream in America's Best Ice Cream Town?

Ed Levine 15 comments

Bostonians rightfully prides itself on their local ice cream purveyors, and for once their pride is not misplaced. Toscanini's is probably my favorite, especially his burnt caramel, which is refreshingly non-sweet. Other folks whose taste buds I respect rave about Christine's in Inman Square, especially for the seasonal flavors like blood peach. Herrell's ice cream may be a shade less delicious, but its hot fudge rocks. The once proud Steve's, which invented the mix-in concept, is a pale imitation of the original. So cast your vote: 1) Toscanini's 2) Christine's 3) Herrell's... More

Mrs. Blake's Pies, My Favorite. What's yours?

Ed Levine 2 comments

Having come to Martha's Vineyard for the last 28 years I can tell you that it is not a place you come to eat in great restaurants. I always advise my friends who vacation here to buy some fresh fish at Larsen's, Poole's, The Net Result, or John's Fish Market, some freshly picked lettuce and corn at a farmer's market, and a few vine-ripened tomatoes, and then you'll eat like a king or queen at the house you've rented. But the island does have one amazing foodstuff you can't get anywhere else, Mrs. Blake's pies. Mrs. Blake's husband sells her pies in a little hut in front of their house on State Road a couple of hundred yards before you... More

The State(s) of Fried Clams

Ed Levine 21 comments

Having just come from a thoroughly disappointing meat at NY's latest attempt at a clam shack, Ditch Plains, I began to ruminate on how much I love fried clams. With Memorial Day, the official start of the fried clam eating season, just around the corner, here is my absolutely incomplete guide to eating fried clams in the NYC area, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, with a southern Maine spot thrown in for good measure. The descriptions of the clams themselves will be minimal. As I discovered a couple of years ago when I went on a ten clamshack eating adventure with Dave Pastnernack, the chef of Esca, fried clams are either really good (sweet, nutty, crisp and greaselessly fried with no breading... More

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