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Candy a Day: Pretzel M&Ms

Sweets Carey Jones 20 comments

My favorite part of Kit-Kats is the cookie, my favorite part of Crunch bars is the crunch, and my favorite part of Pretzel M&Ms? The pretzel, of course. More

Chex Mix/M&M bars

Serious Eats The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

Brought to the Serious Eats Cookie Swap 2009 by Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff. of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Author's note: I use a slightly modified, personalized version of the traditional Chex Mix Party Mix recipe. Mostly I... More

That's Nuts: Five Things To Do with Leftover Halloween Candy

That's Nuts Lee Zalben 21 comments

Butterfinger, Reese's (the cups and the pieces), Snickers, Oh Henry, Baby Ruth, Mr. Goodbar, Payday, Watchamacallit—so many Halloween candies involve peanuts or peanut butter. Here are some fun ways to eat them, not that there's anything wrong with the straight-from-the-wrapper approach. More

Limited Edition Strawberried Peanut Butter and Coconut M&Ms

Kerry Saretsky 27 comments

"Other candies are actually junk food, while M&Ms are a superior gourmet experience." Strawberried Peanut Butter M&Ms If there are two things I love, it's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and coconuts. Growing up, the only candy my mom was “OK" with me eating was M&Ms. I think it’s because she got to steal all the light brown ones. Remember those? Delightful. Her rule wasn't much of a rule anyway—they were always my favorites and still are. I'm a plain or peanut girl, sometimes dabbling in dark, but when I saw the Strawberried Peanut Butter and Coconut editions at the drug store, I actually yelped in delight and ran to the register. I loved them. Why? Because they're subtle. Isn't... More

Blue M&Ms May Help Spinal Injuries

Erin Zimmer 5 comments

Oddly enough, this was not from The Onion but from Daily Mail: Scientists have found special properties in the dye of blue M&Ms. "The compound, Brilliant Blue G, can block a chemical which makes injuries worse by causing inflammation and destroying cells."... More

Quote of the Day: M&Ms in Space

Adam Kuban Post a comment

"The first thing to know about space food, it is the ambiance, it is the environment, it is not the food. These candies [peanut M&Ms] come in a piece of plastic, we cut them open, and suddenly everyone starts behaving like fish in a fish tank. That is fun food." —John Grusfeld, astronaut... More

Jacques Torres: 'M&M's and Snickers Bars Rule'

Ed Levine 15 comments

Photograph from Lin Pernille ♥ Photography on Flickr The Huffington Post's Jane Levere posted about a panel discussion chocolatier Jacques Torres participated in at New York's 92nd Street Y. It turns out that, just like millions of people around the world, Torres has a keen appreciation for M&M's and Snickers bars. Surprisingly, when asked which chocolatiers he respected most, Torres mentioned not only Francois Pralus, a contemporary French chocolate-maker famous for his single-origin bars, but also Forrest Mars."If I can go back in time and work with someone, I would love to work with Mr. Mars. I love the character, he was a very interesting man. He created the two first candies in the world today, M&M's and the... More

Indiana Jones Crisp-Mint M&Ms: Meh

Adam Kuban 21 comments

Photographs taken by Gordon Mark. Oh, I think they'd melt in this guy's hands. Earlier today, I was all about the Indiana Jones coconut-blasted limited-edition Adventure Snickers bar. In the comments of that post, Squiggle hipped us to the Indy-themed mint-crisp limited-edition M&Ms. That first prompted cries of "What does mint have to do with Indiana Jones?" Beats me; is there mint in the rain forest? Then it prompted us to race out and get some. We grabbed a bag of the mint-crisp M&Ms and one of the Indy-themed peanut M&Ms. All I have to say is, I wouldn't fight the Nazi dude from Raiders for either of these so-called treasures. The crisp-mint M&Ms look sorta cool—with the different... More

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