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Dinner at Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen, Starring Ludo Lefebvre

New York Niki Achitoff-Gray Post a comment

Last night, Downing Street's Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen was taken by storm. Pop-up savant Ludo Lefebvre swept into the kitchen of long-time friend and fellow chef Bruce Bromberg, sending out a brilliantly crafted five-course menu in celebration of his newly released cookbook, LudoBites. More

Pop-up Restaurant Installs In-House Lighting Studio for Food Bloggers

Adam Kuban 11 comments

[Photograph: Gastronomy] While some restaurants ban photography outright, L.A. chef Ludo Lefebvre has cleverly turned food bloggers' need to document every bite to his advantage. Lefebvre has set up a mini photo studio at Ludo Bites, his pop-up cosplay-themed restaurant in Culver City, California. The lighting rig and light-box diffuser help create professional-looking shots, ensuring that Lefebvre's dishes at least appear tasty. And the unusual move also doesn't hurt when it comes to getting people (like us) to take notice. Pretty sneaky, Chef. Cathy Danh of Gastronomy has a set of photos from the mini studio. Oh, and if you're wondering about the cosplay part, it looks like the waitresses are dressing as French maids. If that does anything... More

‘Top Chef Masters,’ Ep. 3: Offal on the Street

Carey Jones 28 comments

Last week’s episode of Top Chef Masters showed that competition can be downright warm and fuzzy. While Graham and Wylie each vowed to undo the other, their tag-teaming antics showed it was all in good fun. And before the judging, all four chefs baked cookies together! So many hugs. So much teamwork. This week’s episode was a very different story. Contestants Rick Bayless Frontera Grill, Topolobampo Charity: Frontera Farmer Foundation Cindy Pawlcyn Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, Go Fish, and Mustards Grill Charity: Community Health Clinic Ole Wilo Benet Pikayo, Payá, Varita, Puerto Rico Governor's Mansion Charity: San Jorge Children's Foundation Ludo Lefebvre L’Orangerie Charity: C.H.A.S.E. for Life Warning: Spoilers ahead. Their heated battle, after the jump.... More

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