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Gift Guide: For Chicagoans (Expat and Otherwise)

With the holiday season now in full swing, we've put together a little collection of some of our favorite products from the Windy City, including a collection of food, t-shirts, cookbooks, and other products that we'd enjoy receiving in the mail (hint, hint). So, whether you currently reside in the city or live far away and want a little taste of home, check it out and let us know what you think. More

The Eight Best Pizzas In Chicago

In a city this passionate about pizza, the debates will always continue. In compiling our list, we had to consider history, style, the old school favorites, and the newcomers. So while this list may not settle any old debates, in fact, it may start will most certainly insight new ones, it is guaranteed to have pies that even the casserole camp will love. More

Lou Malnati's Chicago Pizza Will Deliver to Middle East, Just This Once

Photograph from justinhenry on Flickr Packed in dry ice, thousands of pizzas from the landmark Chicago chain Lou Malnati's will soon arrive for troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan as a gift from retired Air Force sergeant Mark Evans. A resident of the deep-dish capital, Evans wanted the pizzas delivered in time for July 4th to celebrate the American staple. Of course, what constitutes as "American" pie differs from region to region, as our very own Adam has dissected at length. But something tells me, even non-Chicagoan soldiers will be okay with the flaky, buttery crust. Lou Malnati's pies can... More

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