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'Lost' Cookies

Clockwise from top left: Time travel bunny rabbits, polar bears, the doctor, Kate. [Photograph: Res-o-puh-please] Inspired by last night's return of ABC's Lost, Kendall of the food blog Res-o-puh-lease baked a batch of Lost-themed cookies. Because what's the only thing better than the season six premiere of Lost? Geeky fandom cookies based on the premiere. Kendall baked every character except Ben. "Because he's terrifying. And I forgot," she said. Related LOST! [Talk] P.J. Clarke's Serves 'Lost' Star Jorge Garcia's Favorite Burger 'Top Chef Masters,' Episode 2: The 'Lost' Dinner Ace of Cakes' 'Lost' Cake... More

'Top Chef Masters,' Episode 2: The 'Lost' Dinner

Did you watch this week's episode? Find out what each of the four contestants made using crap from vending machines during the Quickfire, and Darma Initiative–approved canned and preserved foods for Lost writers and producers during an island-themed elimination round. More

Ace of Cakes' 'Lost' Cake

Dispatches from the Island In honor of the 100th episode of ABC's freaky series, the folks behind Ace of Cakes made a Lost cake to commemorate the milestone. Above are details from the island-shape creation. More photos on Dispatches from the Island, the blog maintained by Lost star Jorge Garcia (Hurley). The 100th ep of Lost will air April 29; the Ace of Cakes one will air May 9. [via Neatorama]... More

Dharma Brand Fish Biscuits

Getting ready for the Lost season four premier, Kungfoodie offers up a citrus-flavored recipe and printable cookie-cutter templates to make your very own fish biscuits. [via io9]... More

DIY Dharma Initiative Rations

Fans of Lost, the next time you host a viewing party, why not go the extra step and make your food look like it's been air-dropped by the Hanso Foundation? All you need to do is print out from a PDF onto a label and pretty soon your beer will be Dharma Initiative Rations.... More

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