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Can In-N-Out Save the Newspaper Industry?

I don't want to be glib about the current troubles in the print media world, but when I go this offer from the Los Angeles Times in the mail not too long ago I knew I had to post about it. They're offering a $20 In-N-Out gift card if you order home delivery of The Times (Thursday-Sunday) for a year. I read all of my news online, but for In-N-Out I might be convinced to get my fingertips covered in ink again. More

Los Angeles's Global Pizza

From the Los Angeles Times: A purist's definition of pizza might not apply among such diversity. Take for instance Guelaguetza's clayuda, which some refer to as Oaxacan pizza: a parchment-thin tortilla smeared with asiento (rendered pork fat) and black beans and topped with cheese, lettuce and slabs of meat spread across the tortilla like continents cast off into separate hemispheres.Others consider the lahmajune from 60-plus-year-old A. Partamian Bakery to be Armenian pizza. The flatbread is completely covered with a ruddy, gamey mix of ground lamb, tomatoes, bell pepper and spices and baked until it borders on blackened. Unlike some more... More

Nice Kitchen, Pioneer Woman

[Photograph: The Los Angeles Times] The Los Angeles Times has a great profile on Internet sensation Ree Drummond. You may know her as The Pioneer Woman, whose group of sites—including The Pioneer Woman Cooks—feature witty writing and stunning photography. PWC, for instance, is full of recipes that you can almost follow by peeping the pix alone. While we at SE once drooled at the photos on her cooking site, we're now agog at the kitchen she shoots them in. Look at that thing!... More

Quote of the Day

"There hasn't been a food trend this hyped since Pinkberry and its imitators began mushrooming in vacant strip mall storefronts. " —Elina Shatkin, on the nouveau food truck scene... More

In Videos: Making Tortellini with Gordon Ramsay

Scott Collins of the Los Angeles Times braved a pasta tutorial with Gordon Ramsay. "Would he try to psych me out, the way he does contestants on the show? Would he tell me I'm worthless and have no self-respect?" Collins was admittedly a little nervous beforehand. And just as he expected, making tortellini with the Hell's Kitchen host—the show's fifth season wrapped up on Thursday—was an expletive-filled culinary experience. The video, after the jump.... More

'Los Angeles Times' Selects Best Chicken for Roasting

©iStockPhoto.com/Floortje The Los Angeles Times Food section held a blind tasting of 14 birds, ranging from the standard supermarket kind to the organic, free-range, natural, heritage, air-chilled and kosher—they even tried two from a live poultry store. No clear winners, but they picked a few winners for different reasons. They liked the organic, free-range chicken from Healthy Family Farms in Fillmore "for its flavorful meat and overall appearance," as well as Mary’s chickens from Pitman Farms near Fresno (available at Whole Foods), "for its texture, flavor and crisp skin." Most of the favorites were organic or fed special diets, and almost all were free-range. Another factor was the air-chilled processing method, versus water-chilled. Both of the air-chilled chickens they... More

'The First Celebrity Cooks,' Marianne Manners and Prudence Penny

Photo from the Los Angeles TimesIn a nostalgic look at the kitchen gurus of yesteryear, today’s Los Angeles Times profiles two newspaper personalities, “Marianne Manners” and “Prudence Penny,” whose columns and radio shows dispatched culinary advice to generations of home cooks throughout the twentieth century. In an era before Ramsay and Colicchio, these two were the celeb-chefs of their day. Different authors assumed each pen name: Originally a cooking teacher named Ethel Vance Morse, “Marianne Manners” was later taken over by Los Angeles Times editors; “Prudence Penny” started out as an umbrella name for Hearst authors across the country. Despite this lack of continuity, however, both served as trusted kitchen authorities for decades. “These ladies had it all," the LA... More

The 'LA Times' Does Pizza

Today's food section in the Los Angeles Times is all about pizza. Yowza. The video from above comes from a story in which LA Times test kitchen manager Noelle Carter constructs a $15 oven insert to help make better pizzas in a standard home oven. The rest of the stories: New York–Style Pizza: What It MeansTaste-Tested NY-Style Pizzerias in L.A.L.A. Area's New Pizza Revolution... More

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