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Los Angeles: Enjoy the Smoky Asada at Sergio's Tacos

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott Post a comment

With their smoky asada and spicy salsas, Sergio's is winning over the hearts and stomachs of every working-class neighborhood they've entered. More

Los Angeles: Skip the Tacos and Grab Dinner at La Serenata de Garibaldi

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 2 comments

As a slightly upscale alternative to the late night cafes, trucks, and tables that run along Cesar Chavez Avenue, La Serenata de Garibaldi has been pushing plates of fresh seafood, simple tacos, and stiff margaritas for more than 25 years. And people are still leaving with smiles on their faces. More

Los Angeles: Henry's Hard-Shelled Tacos Return to Studio City

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 3 comments

Henry's Tacos has died; long live Henry's Tacos. The Studio City gringo taco spot, with its faded yellow sign and Googie-style architecture that jutted south from the corner of Moorpark Street and Tujunga Avenue, closed last year amid much controversy. Did the landlord cave and let Henry's return after owner Janis Hood sold the place to one of her decades-long employees? Nope. They just moved across the street. More

Los Angeles: La Isla Bonita Is The Neighborhood Taco Truck of Venice

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 1 comment

It doesn't take much to please the locals out in Venice. They've got sunshine on their side, the beach at their feet, and a closeknit sense of neighborhood that's practically unrivaled anywhere else in Los Angeles. And it is that perfect Venice mix of well-heeled hippie, lanky surfer, aging musician, yoga pants moms and perpetually busy twentysomething that all lines up on weekdays for La Isla Bonita. This is their neighborhood taco truck. More

Los Angeles: Are the Carnitas Really the Best Thing at Carnitas Michoaca?

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott Post a comment

Carnitas Michoacan in Lincoln Heights serves up tasty tacos beyond their namesake carnitas, and a plate of carne asada fries that's not to be missed. More

Los Angeles: Strip Mall Tacos from a Le Cordon Bleu Chef at My Taco

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 2 comments

My Taco in Highland Park is a strip mall taco joint with a Le Cordon Bleu chef making barbacoa de borrego tacos in the kitchen. More

Los Angeles: Checking Back in on the Kogi BBQ Truck, Over 4 Years Later

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 6 comments

How has Kogi's kitchen weathered the rapid rise and slow deflation of the food truck climate they helped to create? Pretty well, actually. More

Santa Ana, CA: Try the Whole Pig at Tacos y Carnitas Sahuayo

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 6 comments

Tacos y Carnitas Sahuayo in Santa Ana offers cuts from the whole pig for your tacos, and you shouldn't miss out on trying them all. That means the ears, the snout, tail, and more piggy parts. More

Orange County Tacos: We Are Big Fans of Alebrije's Grill Taco Truck

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott Post a comment

Alebrije's Grill taco truck in Orange County serves up plenty of bold flavors, especially in their Taco Acorazado. More

Los Angeles: Why Is Tacos El Gavilan So Darn Popular?

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott Post a comment

For a small, Los Angeles-based Mexican chain, Tacos El Gavilan sure has fans. But what if all of these hundreds of Twitter followers and thousands of Facebook fans are wrong? Or, at least, misguided? What if - and I'll probably have to swap faces with someone after this sentence just to protect myself - what if Tacos El Gavilan just isn't that great? More

Fancy Tacos That Don't Taste Good Make Us Sad

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 8 comments

It's always a real shame when food that looks as good as this can't deliver on all the flavor it promises. I mean, look at those tacos. Gussied up? Absolutely. Packed with salivary-inducing flavor generators like "truffled celery root" or Pt. Reyes Blue cheese, these things look primed for a taste adventure. But they are a sad letdown. More

Los Angeles: $1 Seafood Taco Deals at El Siete Mares

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 1 comment

Usually, looking for a good deal on seafood is a dangerous proposition, but at El Siete Mares (The Seven Seas) it's built into the price plan. Each workday offers a particular deal: Mondays are for $1.50 shrimp tacos, Tuesdays are $1 fish tacos, Wednesday gets you $1 shrimp tacos dorados, and so on. More

Los Angeles: Tacos Al Pastor Delivers on Its Name

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 7 comments

At Tacos Al Pastor, there is no door and there is no mystery. A short, stubby taquero stands on the corner of Kingsley and Santa Monica Blvd., trompo spinning and spitting little bubbles of warm grease and pineapple juices. There's a walk-up window and a bubbling cauldron of various other cuts of meat, but the jig is up when you first spy the name along the awning of the tiny yellow building: This place serves al pastor. Ordering anything else just doesn't make sense. More

Los Angeles: Tacos from the El Paisano Truck

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott Post a comment

El Paisano is a hardworking neighborhood taco truck that's probably only worth it if you live nearby. But there's a lot to respect for the day to day loncheros like this truck that keep this city rich with tacos. More

Los Angeles: 24-Hour Fried Tacos at Los Tacos in West Hollywood

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 1 comment

Not "open until 4 a.m." or "we stay late on the weekends." We're talking truly 24-hours. As luck would have it, West Hollywood managed to produce a perfectly satisfying all-night taco spot, backed into a small strip along Santa Monica Blvd. More

Los Angeles: Mediocre Tacos are Still a Party at The Mission Cantina

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 4 comments

The $1 Taco Tuesday deal at The Mission Cantina is worth it for the atmosphere, but not necessarily the tacos. Do you have a favorite Taco Tuesday deal? More

Los Angeles: Westside Tacos Al Carbon at Tacomiendo

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 4 comments

One of the big gripes about Mexican food in Los Angeles is a lack of options west of, say, La Cienega Blvd. Well, maybe it's more of a knock on the Westside neighborhoods than the cuisine itself, but there is no denying the scarcity of homemade tortillas, bubbling weekend menudo and grilled tacos al carbon the closer you get to the beach. Thankfully, Tacomiendo exists to help fill that gap in all three categories mentioned, plus a whole lot more. More

Los Angeles Tacos: Komodo Truck's New Brick-and-Mortar Cafe on Pico

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 2 comments

One of the biggest names to ride the crashing food truck wave onto the shores of a Pico-Robertson storefront is Komodo. Their hook: Asian fusion with a Mexican bent. It isn't much of a pull in LA these days. Around here, the word "kalbi" gets tossed on menus next to all manner of tacos, burgers, pizzas and lord knows what else. So, with multiple trucks and a brick and mortar now in its second year, what makes Komodo so special? In short: simplicity. More

Los Angeles: Sky's Gourmet Tacos Aren't Exactly What You'd Expect

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 6 comments

In Los Angeles, there is no sanctity in food. This town invented the Korean BBQ taco, the sushi burger, and all sorts of wacky pizza concoctions along the way. So it should come as no surprise that Sky's Gourmet Tacos, a Mid-City sit down spot with a soul food bent and one hell of a great lemonade, serves up some of the tastiest and most inauthentic tacos in this part of town. More

Los Angeles: Los Cinco Puntos Really Is That Good

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 6 comments

Los Cinco Puntos is an absolute Los Angeles treasure. As a gateway into East LA (both figuratively and literally, with their location along Cesar Chavez Blvd.), there is no better messenger to herald the call of the authentic taco. Inside, they'll point you in the right meat direction, take care of your homemade tortilla needs, and deliver you a finished taco that is among the best you'll find not just in Los Angeles, but anywhere. More

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