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Family Coming to LA? Take Them to These Restaurants

Jennifer Ball 16 comments

"We're coming to visit you." It's those five short words that few 20- or 30-something-year-olds are dying to hear from their parents. And yet, the arrival of summer always seems to bring with it a wave of relatives to entertain. With everything from beaches and beautiful weather to movie stars and shopping, Los Angeles has something for every brand of tourist. But what about the food? Where can you take guests that will give them a taste of old Hollywood glamour (and prove to your mother that you have a handle on your life)? Forge onward for our top picks! More

Where to Eat in Downtown Los Angeles

Farley Elliott 6 comments

From Japanese standouts in Little Tokyo to sausage and beer halls in the Arts District to buzzy fine dining, these days there's no end to the possibilities in Downtown L.A. Here's our guide to where to eat in the revitalized neighborhood. More

Karen and Quinn Hatfield's Favorite Breakfasts and Brunches in Los Angeles

Erin Jackson Post a comment

Karen and Quinn Hatfield of The Sycamore Kitchen and Hatfield's share their top picks in Los Angeles for breakfast and brunch, from a scenic spot tucked away in Griffith Park that pours Stumptown coffee to a French bakery in Pacific Palisades that they swear serves the very best croissants and pain au raisin in all of Los Angeles. More

Damon Gambuto's 14 Most Memorable Burgers in Los Angeles and Beyond

A Hamburger Today Damon Gambuto 18 comments

It's nearly impossible for me to imagine a world without burgers and only slightly less difficult to envision one without reviewing them here on A Hamburger Today. Sadly, the latter imagining is about to become a reality: I'm relocating back to my hometown of New York City and thus ending my Los Angeles burger column. More

Christina Olufson's Favorite Sweets in Los Angeles

Sweets Erin Jackson 1 comment

The pastry chef for Lucques, a.o.c., and Tavern/The Larder shares some of her top picks for sweets and desserts in Los Angeles. More

Where to Buy Mexican Ingredients in Los Angeles

Javier Cabral 13 comments

Los Angeles has the highest population of Mexicans in the United States, with the eats to prove it. When you're done completely redefining your regional Mexican food palate by taco touring your way through this sprawling city, there may come a time when you will want to start experimenting with your very own carne asada and long-braised lamb barbacoas at home. When this time comes, you can rest assured that the hundreds of Mexican markets, corner stores, and even some major local supermarket chains will have your back. Here's where to go for the best tortillas, produce, meats, dairy, and more. More

We Eat Every Doughnut at Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

Sweets Joy Hui Lin 8 comments

SoCal favorite Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee serves doughnuts in flavors ranging from Huckleberry to Bacon Maple to Green Eggs & Ham. Obviously someone had to try the whole menu, and that someone was us. More

Top This: Goat Cheese and Escarole Pizza (à la WildCraft Sourdough Pizza)

Slice Kelly Bone 2 comments

At WildCraft Sourdough Pizza favorites such as the Goat Cheese and Escarole Pizza, have been on Chef Vuong's menu since opening night. Topped with a shallow of béchamel and spotted with wilted clumps of escarole and goat cheese, this pie may sound subtle. Get ready for a surprise. More

We Went and Ate All the Pastries at Sqirl in Los Angeles

Sweets Farley Elliott 4 comments

With its funkily-spelled name and occasional high-minded concoction, Sqirl can sometimes feel like the sort of place that gets Los Angeles put on the map for all the wrong reasons. But at the end of the day, there's no denying that Jessica Koslow's sweets are top-notch—so we gave them all a try. More

Jamie's Guide to LA's Must-Eat Mexican Food

Jamie Feldmar 12 comments

It pains me to say this as a New Yorker, but I'll just be real here: LA's Mexican food scene is about a thousand times better than New York's, in terms of depth, breadth, and sheer scope. Every time I'm in LA, I go on a serious Mexican marathon, scrambling desperately to cram all of the city's tacos down my throat in one fell swoop. This has lead to some great gastrointestinal discomfort, but also an ever-expanding roster of favorites, and not just in the taco category. Every time I visit, these are the places I plan my trip around. More

Glazed Donut Bistro Brings Outrageous Mash-ups to Los Angeles

Sweets Farley Elliott 7 comments

A new player has entered the LA food-fusion market, offering $3 rounds of glazed and fried dough in such unique combinations that the city is rubbing their morning eyes and taking notice. That shop is Glazed Donut Bistro. More

We Eat Every Rice Ball at Sunny Blue, in Santa Monica

Joy Hui Lin 5 comments

Sunny Blue's excellent rice balls come in flavors and fillings that suit just about everyone. And at just $3.15 to $4.95, there's no reason to skimp on your order...which is why we decided to take on the full dozen they had in stock. See them all! More

Behind the Scenes: Making Gelato Cake at Vitaly

Sweets Joy Hui Lin Post a comment

Forget ice cream cake. Take a behind the scenes look at how to make the strawberry laden Custard Crema gelato cake at Vitaly. More

Mornings in Mid-City LA Get a Boost With République's New Pastry Program

Sweets Farley Elliott Post a comment

After a lengthy dinner-only run, République's morning pastry program is quickly make its own name inside this vaunted space. More

West Coast Events for March and Beyond

Miki Kawasaki 4 comments

It's almost springtime on the West Coast! From an Italian Passover meal in Los Angeles to a foraging trip near Seattle, we've rounded up some of the region's most promising food and drink events to help you celebrate the season's bounty. More

Sugar Rush: Tres Leche Cake at Sinners and Saints, LA

Sweets Eimear McDermott Post a comment

Sinners and Saints serves both regular and gluten-free sweets. And though the Tres Leches Cake is on their "saints" menu, it's rich and decadent enough for sinners. More

In-N-Out Opens Replica Burger Stand as a Tribute to Their 66-Year History

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 2 comments

Attention In-N-Out fans: a 100-square foot replica of the very first In-N-Out burger stand recently opened in Baldwin Park, CA. More

Los Angeles: 10 Great Vegetarian Options Under $10

Kelly Bone 5 comments

In the grand expanse of Los Angeles, vegetarian and vegan options are easy to come by, but the truly great ones aren't always readily apparent. I'm constantly on the hunt for outstanding vegetarian options —here are my picks for some affordable favorites from omnivore-friendly spots. More

Grilled: J. Dean Loring of Burger Lounge

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 4 comments

This time on "Grilled", we're talking burgers with J. Dean Loring, CEO & Co-Founder of Burger Lounge, a fast-causal chain with a dozen locations (eight in San Diego, four in LA). More

Burger City Guides: Brian Huskey's Favorite Burgers in Los Angeles

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson Post a comment

Brian Huskey (Top Chef Season 11 and R&D Chef at three Peruvian restaurants in LA) lets us in on his top five burgers in Los Angeles. More

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