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Eating Along the Orient Express: From London to Istanbul

Lauren Sloss 16 comments

We ate our way from London to Paris to Zurich to Slovenia to Croatia to Serbia to Bulgaria to Istanbul. Here are the highlights from an epic train journey. More

5 Classic London Pubs You Should Visit

Drinks Mark Dredge 9 comments

For centuries, London's pubs have served as meeting places, social spaces, rooms to relax and unwind, places to talk business, to eat and drink, to find comfort for an evening or solace for an hour. While many of the oldest pubs have been polished into new venues, some still retain their olde charms, giving visitors the chance to experience what a pub may have been like hundreds of years ago. Here are five of our favorites. More

British Bites: A Guide to Quintessential London Eats

Nick Solares 16 comments

Serious Eaters with a sense of nostalgia may want to "taste history" when visiting London, so we asked Steakcraft columnist and British National Nick Solares for his recommendations on where to find traditional British foods in the nation's capital. More

Steakcraft International: The Dexter Rib Steak from Pitt Cue Co., London

Nick Solares 7 comments

What started off as a seasonal food cart selling American-style barbecue on the banks of the Thames a scant two years ago has evolved into a wildly popular Soho restaurant that is creating a uniquely British style of barbecue. See how their Dexter Rib Steak gets made in this special international edition of Steakcraft. More

First Look: Shake Shack Opens Today in London

A Hamburger Today Ibrahim Salha 18 comments

The Shake Shack team have managed to take the burgers that many Brits have become familiar with on their travels and transplanted them closer to home. More

A Short Introduction to Afternoon Tea in London

Kathy YL Chan 17 comments

When we visit London and a friend says, let's meet for afternoon tea, my first thought is not where, but what kind. As in what kind of afternoon tea service? This little intro to afternoon tea explains the differences between the three tiers, and where to go for each. More

Shake Shack Coming to London Next Year

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 13 comments

Today Shake Shack announced that they'll be opening in London's Covent Garden in mid-2013. More

A Sandwich A Day: Salt Beef on a Beigel in London

A Sandwich a Day Sydney Oland Post a comment

At the end of Brick Lane just beyond the Indian markets and restaurants you will find Beigel Bake, a 24-hour bakery that is known for Jewish style bagels as well as apple strudel and rye bread. The simple sandwich that puts this shop on the map is salt beef on a beigel. Salty, tender beef piled high on a perfectly cooked fresh bagel with smear of mustard. Hearty, filling and just what you need after a few too many pints. More

In-N-Out Still Traveling the World With Latest Pop-Up in London

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 10 comments

The last time we heard of an In-N-Out pop-up, they were in Singapore (and previously in Tokyo, Sydney, and Shanghai). Today, the chain set up their latest pop-up in Hendon, London, for four hours at Florence Cafe. More

London: Pizza Pilgrims Can Satisfy Your Olympic-Sized Pizza Craving

Slice Lizzie Mabbott 3 comments

With a gas-fired oven built into the back of a little van, Pizza Pilgrims is a mobile pizza outfit based in London. For the money, you'd struggle to find a better pizza in Central London. More

What to Eat at Borough Market, London

Leela Punyaratabandhu 14 comments

The eyes of the world are on the magnificent city of London right now. Being in London at the moment, I can tell you that much of the city is abuzz with talk of the Olympics. Also underway, albeit quietly, is an eating marathon around town, especially at the famed Borough Market. Look out for these bites when you get to the market! More

London: 10 Must-Eat British Foods During the Olympics

Laura Siciliano-Rosen 36 comments

Here are 10 must-eat British foods for visitors to track down while in London, along with suggestions for finding them in the vicinity of Olympic venues and viewing areas. Put down that chicken burrito and go get a bacon butty! More

Cheap Eats Around Leicester Square, London

Lizzie Mabbott 10 comments

Being one of the busiest tube stations and main tourist attractions in London means that the restaurant space around Leicester Square is, inevitably, snapped up by big rich chains with cash available to them. Two Aberdeen Angus Steakhouses flank the Square, with Strada, Garfunkels, McDonald's and KFC by their sides. For something decent to eat and so you don't feel like you've been wheeled in and churned out, you need to look a little harder. Here are our top five picks. More

Pizza Pilgrims Outfit Piaggio Ape with Pizza Oven: BRILLIANT!

Slice Adam Kuban 3 comments

The Pizza Pilgrims are Thom and James Elliot, a couple of brothers from the UK who flew to the tip of Italy, picked up a Piaggio Ape (it's pronounced ah-peh, Italian for "bee"), and drove it back to London. On route, they stopped at various pizza destinations in Italy, from pizzerias to an olive farm, where they boosted their knowledge of the dish they would make back home. More

Beatles, Beatniks, and Beans: London and Coffee in the '50s and '60s

Drinks Meister 4 comments

Sure, the English might love their tea, but did you know they've long been coffee fanatics, too? Check out this little docu-short about the cafe life of London in the swingin' late '50s and early '60s. More

The Crisper Whisperer: What I Learned from a Raw Foods Masterclass

Crisper Whisperer Carolyn Cope 36 comments

The definition varies from person to person, but in general a raw foods diet consists of whole vegan foods that have not been heated over 115°F. Raw enthusiasts prefer these foods because their natural enzymes, phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals have not been altered by cooking. I found myself allocating an entire weekend to the Raw Foods Masterclass at Saf Restaurant in London. Saf is often named among the best vegetarian restaurants in London, with a totally vegan menu and many raw options. More

Serious Entertaining: London Particular

Serious Entertaining Carrie Vasios Mullins 6 comments

A London particular was the heavy blanket of Industrial revolution smog that piped out of London's chimneys, met with the natural mist from the Thames, which made it damn near impossible to see or breathe. By all accounts that fog was thick. As thick as pea soup, in fact. London fogs became known as pea soupers and, in time, ham and pea soup became known as London Particular. This menu is based around that pea soup, with a few other recipes you might have if you were sitting in a London pub one autumn night, patiently waiting for the fog to lift. More

A Sandwich A Day: Duck Confit from Le Marché du Quartier at Borough Market, London

A Sandwich a Day Kerry Saretsky 2 comments

I was at Borough Market, walking around after I'd had my requisite chorizo sandwich at Brindisa, when I walked by a huge, steaming paella pot vat of shredded duck. When you see that much duck confit in one place, you've got to talk to someone about it, figure out what's going on, and decide how you can eat it immediately. Fullness should not be prohibitive. More

Snapshots from London: SNOG, Pinkberry-Like Frozen Yogurt

Sweets Carey Jones 1 comment

It's always fun to watch food trends cross national lines. On my last visit to London two years ago, cupcake shops were opening everywhere; this year, it's the frozen yogurt shops I seem to see on every corner. By far the most attention-grabbing is SNOG. More

Where to Eat in London

Carey Jones 20 comments

It seems that "Where should I eat in London?" is a constant question in Talk, so in response, here are a few places for brunch, cheap lunch, grazing days, Michelin starred pub fare, and more. It's far from a comprehensive list, but it's my recommendations for visitors to the city. What are your favorite London eats? Chime in with more! More

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