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A Sandwich a Day: Sandwich de Bistec at Cafeteria Marcela

Chicago Sarah Song 10 comments

Cafeteria Marcela in Logan Square is putting out great sandwiches in a friendly, no-frills environment, and the sandwich de bistec is an example of a relatively simple sandwich done extremely well, without pretension, and with plenty of soul. More

Don't Miss Lunch at Cellar Door Provisions

Chicago Joe Roy Post a comment

Cellar Door Provisions is the sort of place I never want to leave, and they make it easy to stay all day: Fresh bread and breakfast dishes are available at 8am, pastries start hitting the counter at 9, and the day's butcher paper scrawled lunch offerings are available at 11. More

The Brunch Dish: Quintessential Brunch Comforts at The Radler

Chicago Matt Kirouac 1 comment

Since Chicago is curiously lax in the German brunch department, The Radler proudly paves the way as one of the most quintessentially comforting brunch destinations in town. More

Eat This Now: Excellent Carne Asada Pambazo at El Habanero

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 8 comments

Sure, it's messy, and there is essentially no way your fingers and half your face won't be dyed red by the end, but it's all worth it for one of the best examples of the pambazo in Chicago. More

Watch Tony Bezsylko Bake the Best Bread in Chicago at Cellar Door Provisions

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 18 comments

Every single loaf of bread at Cellar Door Provisions is created using a ridiculously inefficient and slow system. But the result is the best bread I've ever tried in Chicago. More

Does Analogue Serve the Best Cajun Food in Chicago?

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 4 comments

Analogue really has me tripped up. It is first and foremost a bar, opened by two former Violet Hour employees. So why is the Cajun food so remarkably good? More

The Brunch Dish: The Rocking Horse Rocks the Brunch Boat

Chicago Matt Kirouac 2 comments

Having preemptively judged The Rocking Horse in the past, I was pleasantly surprised at the breadth of its new brunch menu. More

Cellar Door Provisions Serves Sensational Bread in Logan Square

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 2 comments

Cellar Door Provisions currently only makes one kind bread (though they do sell a range of pastries). But who cares about choice when that one is such a genuine wonder? More

What is Your Pretzel Preference?

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 13 comments

If you prefer an airy and light pretzel, slicked with butter and lightly sprinkled with salt, the offering at The Radler is your guy. But if you like some crispness and perhaps a dark mahogany crust on your pretzel, you might want to look elsewhere. More

The Vegetarian Option: Feast on Lula Cafe's Six-Course Vegetarian Tasting Menu

Chicago Amber Gibson 1 comment

For vegetarians, Lula has several appetizer and entrée options, and there is even a six-course vegetarian tasting menu ($45) offered nightly. The tasting menu comprises a selection of dishes from the regular menu—three appetizers, an entrée, a cheese course, and a dessert. In other words, every vegetarian item on the menu. More

The Brunch Dish: Deep-Fried Winter Distractions at Parson's Chicken & Fish

Chicago Matt Kirouac Post a comment

Brunch at Parson's could not have come at a better time. As Chicago endures one of the most savage winters in recent memory, the sunny environment and vibrant comfort food at this Logan Square haunt are just the distraction we need. More

First Impressions: Parts and Labor Brings Griddled Burgers to Logan Square

Chicago Joe Roy 8 comments

Given its equally well-stocked bar and reasonable prices, Parts and Labor has all the makings of a neighborhood haunt. For ten bucks, you can get a double cheeseburger, a side, and a beer or shot. More

A Sandwich A Day: Bistec Sandwich at 90 Miles Cuban Cafe

Chicago Tessa McLean Post a comment

This Cuban oasis on Armitage is all about authentic, flavorful food, including the Bistec Sandwich. More

A Few of the Greatest Hits at 90 Miles Cuban Café

Chicago Lindsey Howald Patton 3 comments

Never mind that Chicago is 1,450 miles as the crow flies from Cuba; we're just glad husband and wife restauranteurs Alberto and Christina Gonzalez are here. More

Becoming Part of the Family at Chef Jonathan Zaragoza's Three Generations Dinner at Masa Azul

Chicago Joe Roy 4 comments

Whether talking with Jonathan or one of the other family members, I've always been struck by how much the collective family dynamic permeates the Zaragozas' food. More

The Brunch Dish: High Fashion Fare at Jam

Chicago Matt Kirouac Post a comment

Jam is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show of brunch, featuring some of the most stunning, imaginative preparations and presentations of dishes born from humble origins. More

Worlds Collide with the Gyros Jibarito at Punta Cana

Chicago Mike Gebert 7 comments

This little neighborhood gem invented a fusion of two cultures breathtaking in its innovation: the gyros Jibarito. Whoa. Take a few minutes to let it soak in, if you need them. More

First Impressions: We Eat Most Everything at State Fair, and You Should, Too

Chicago Joe Roy 6 comments

Despite its name, the restaurant quickly strays from its central conceit: there's nothing particularly fair-ish about sliders, Chicago dogs, and root beer floats. That's hardly a slight: State Fair is at its best when putting its own spin on the dishes rather than adhering slavishly to a concept. More

Lula Cafe Transforms into House of Hunan Human (for Halloween)

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 2 comments

No restaurant in Chicago loves Halloween as much as Lula Cafe. How else can you explain the Logan Square spot's inclination to dress up every October 31st as a completely different restaurant concept. This year's theme is the most frightening one yet. More

We Try All the New Biscuit Sandwiches at Bang Bang Pie Shop

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 7 comments

The most surprising thing about the new biscuit sandwiches is that Bang Bang didn't take the easy route. Though the chef could have tossed a fried egg in between the biscuit halves and called it a day (and no doubt, that would have been worth eating), each of the three new offerings proves that the shop isn't afraid to take chances. More

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