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Little Rock, AR: The Root Cafe's Burger Is Local from the Bottom Up

A Hamburger Today Kat Robinson 6 comments

Sustainability meets old-style Arkansas at this charming little South Main Street lunch spot. From bun to bun, everything here is locally raised and made, resulting in a refreshingly good burger. More

Snapshots from the 2011 Arkansas Cornbread Festival in Little Rock

Kat Robinson 2 comments

What's better than cornbread? Having this many sorts of cornbread with friends right in the middle of Main Street in Little Rock at the inaugural Arkansas Cornbread Festival. Organized in and around the Bernice Garden, a privately owned public art garden, the event was expected to draw 800 to 1,000 people. Instead, three times that many showed up, ready to eat cornbread. More

We Were There: World Cheese Dip Championship in Little Rock, Arkansas

Kat Robinson 6 comments

Thousands turned out for the second annual World Cheese Dip Championship after last year's super successful showing. This year the venue was moved to the much larger War Memorial Stadium to accommodate the bigger turnout. Competitors were asked to come with ten gallons each of cheese dip. Arkansawyers sure love their cheese dip! More

Little Rock, AR: The Man Who Made 100 Different Pies in One Night

Sweets Kat Robinson 7 comments

Chris Monroe is a man with an obsession. That obsession is called Hunka Pie, and it's become the premiere pie stand in Little Rock, Arkansas. Usually you'll find anywhere from five to eight different pies on the menu. But a while back Chris came up with an unusual idea: he decided to bake 100 different pies in a single night for sale in a grand pie extravaganza the next day. More

Little Rock, AR: Dare to Venture into Midtown Billiards

A Hamburger Today Kat Robinson 5 comments

Midtown Billiards isn't just for locals. It's just for locals who don't mind braving the smoke and strangeness at odd hours of the night for a cold draft beer with a cumin-laden burger on a buttered bun. More

Little Rock: You Want A Burger With Your Pie at Hunka Pie

A Hamburger Today Kat Robinson 12 comments

A pie shop that does burgers? Indeed, Little Rock's Hunka Pie turns out juicy third-pounders with individuality and charm. Don't skip the onion rings. More

Little Rock: The Burger at Capital Bar & Grill Could be Arkansas' Best Burger

A Hamburger Today Kat Robinson 9 comments

Ground sirloin, fresh local produce, premium bun, pickles made on site—the chefs at Little Rock's Capital Bar and Grill haven't reinvented the burger. They've just created the best burger they can and put it on the menu. It is quite honestly the best burger I have ever consumed. More

Top 10 Favorite Breakfasts in Arkansas

Kat Robinson 23 comments

I've spent most of the last year looking for the best breakfast in the state of Arkansas for the Arkansas Times. The fruits of my labor (the top breakfasts around the state plus a baker's dozen of pastry places) are in the current issue of the Times. But which of these were my favorites? Here's my personal Top 10. More

Little Rock: The American Hamburger at Shorty Small's Is 'Meh'

A Hamburger Today Kat Robinson 5 comments

Shorty Small's has been in Little Rock for as long as I can remember, but I hadn't tried their burger until last month. Does it live up to its title of The American Hamburger? More

Little Rock: Bill St. Bar & Grill a New Contender for Best Burger in City

A Hamburger Today Kat Robinson 4 comments

Bill St. Bar and Grill has only been around for about a month, but their grilled burgers may already be the best in the city. More

Field Report: Damgoode Pies, Little Rock, Arkansas

Slice Adam Kuban 5 comments

Reaching into the Slice mailbag, we have this message from Grace in Arkansas: "Oh, I almost forgot the most important part: Before now Arkansas hasn't been on your map, at all. Can we fix this, please?" More

The United States of Pizza: Arkansas

Slice Pizzalicious Lauren 21 comments

With the help of a few friends and Arkansas-based writer and food critic Kat Robinson (the Arkansas Times), I explored some of Arkansas' most-loved pizza places. Robinson says that Arkansawyers love their thin crust, but of course there are a number of places where they happily stray from that crispy status quo. More


A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban 4 comments

Shortly before I posted the missive on Virginia burgers, this nice email from reader Jonathan R. appeared in the AHT inbox and then got lost under the stacks and stacks of whizzing of electrons. Here's what Jonathan had to say.... More

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