'Little Gordon' on Serious Eats

Video: Little Gordon Ramsay Is Sick of Hydrogenated School Cafeteria Sausage

We met Little Gordon, a munchkin doppelganger of the brutish British chef Gordon Ramsay, last year. Though a few feet smaller, Little Gordon tells it like it is, not afraid to pull out the bleepable words when he's handed subpar food. Poor Margaret, an otherwise jolly-looking lunch lady, feels the wrath of Little Gordon when he goes into a tizzy over the cafeteria sausage. The video, after the jump.... More

Little Gordon Upsets Ramsay's Real Son

Remember Little Gordon? The nine-year old internet sensation pretending to be a mini-version of the real Gordon Ramsay, complete with voluminous blond hair and a vocab that includes words like "rubbish"? The viral video campaign, launched by the UK-based hospitality site Caterer.com, disturbed Ramsay's real eight-year old son Jack. He was horrified by the fictitious—though pretty hypothetically accurate—representation of his foul-mouthed father on screen, believing this really was a younger version of Daddy. According to Ramsay in the New York Post: I got sent [the link] yesterday. I was with my [8-year-old] son Jack and [my wife] Tana. I said, 'Look, come and see Daddy when he was 8.' And Jack started watching it and he started getting upset... More

In Videos: Little Gordon Terrorizes Like Gordon Ramsay, But Is Way Cuter

In a series of promotional videos by UK hospitality industry job search engine Caterer.com, Little Gordon, a prepubescent—but just as foul-mouthed—version of Gordon Ramsay, embarks "on a personal mission to rid the world of rubbish food and pathetic service." And by this, he instills terror into the hearts of anyone who makes or serves him food in a subpar manner, including his mother. Watch the first and second videos (a third is still on the way) after the jump.... More

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