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Rebuttal to Alice Waters Takedown from a Volunteer at Edible Schoolyard

[Photograph: Edible Schoolyard] Sarah Henry is a Berkeley, California–based freelance writer who also volunteers once a week at Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard project. She's got a unique take on that Atlantic–Caitlin Flanagan hatchet job that caused a stir last week. Clearly Caitlin hasn't spent much, if any, time in the Edible kitchen, run by head chef teacher Esther Cook since its beginnings 14 years ago.But I have. And I've seen a lot of wonderful things take place in that cooking classroom, not least of which is the making of fabulous, school-grown, organic feasts.Here's what I've witnessed:Kids from diverse backgrounds working together to cook food.Middle schoolers who might not excel in conventional classes discovering other talents such as knife skills... More

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