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Alan Richman Slams Les Halles: Payback for Anthony Bourdain's Golden Clog Awards

Food critic Alan Richman, blogging for GQ, totally dogs Les Halles, the restaurant many food TV fans know as Anthony Bourdain's joint. (Bourdain consults for Les Halles as "chef-at-large.") Says Richman: What's more appalling than the food or even the absurd title of Chef-at-Large is that the smirking Bourdain has somehow become the de facto public face of the restaurant industry. It's as if Steven Seagal had been named president of the Screen Actors Guild. The review is unusually harsh, from seating to dessert, and one can't help but wonder if it's payback for the Golden Clog award that Bourdain and Michael Ruhlman bestowed upon Richman last month. Why Les Halles? Why now?... More

Les Halles lunch

I just had lunch at Les Halles for the first time since Anthony Bourdain became the dissolute rock star chef. Although my lunchmate warned me that the food was not very good, I was actually surprised that my hangar... More

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