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A Sandwich a Day: The Hot Pork with Spinach from Lenny's Home Plate in Philadelphia

Any town that specializes in slow-roasting one of my favorite meats (hello, pork) and combining it with one of my favorite vegetables (hello, broccoli rabe) and favorite cheeses (hello, sharp provolone) into a sandwich, is good in my book. Lenny's Home Plate is pretty far from South Philly, but they still make a killer South Philly-style hoagie. The meat—nicely fatty pork loin—is shaved ultra thin and cooked to that point that it's still rosy pink but the fat has started to completely melt, keeping everything nice and lubricated. Unfortunately, they'd already run out of broccoli rabe (understandably) so I settled for its slightly inferior stand-in, garlicky braised spinach. More

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