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Snapshots from Paris: Salads at Le Relais Gascon

It's essentially a salad in name only. There is a nice bed of greenery down there, dressed in a simple, creamy vinaigrette. But on top are potatoes sauteed in garlic and olive oil; and in the case of the Gascon, an incredibly generous cut of foie gras and tender petals of smoked magrets (duck breast). So that's: fatty duck, fried potatoes, and fattier duck. (And green stuff.) More

Salads and Baguettes of Greatness

By Robyn Lee | I returned to one of my favorite restaurants, Le Relais Gascon, upon the request for a place that served French food, was vegetarian friendly, didn't cost a bucketload, and could fit a group of six. They're known for making crazy salads in bowls the size of babies' bathtubs that defy convention by consisting of a mountain of thick, garlic-laden fried potato rounds on a bed of lettuce and other salad items that wouldn't taste nearly as awesome without potato suffocation. For those unrestricted by a vegetarian diet, the salad may also include fat-laden things of animal origins such as tuna, lardons, smoked duck or foie gras. Say hello to the most delicious and thus least... More

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