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Grüner Burgers in Portland, Oregon: Juicier Than Those at Le Pigeon?

A Hamburger Today Erin Zimmer 3 comments

Gruner's burger. Does look pretty darn juicy. [Flickr: extramsg] When Robyn and I went to Portland, Oregon, in July, we ate burgers at Le Pigeon. Two things you should know: the restaurant only serves five a night, and it's... More

Get Juicy, Slaw-Covered Burger Goodness from Le Pigeon in Portland, OR

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 20 comments

If you want a piece of Le Pigeon's grilled burger topped with aged white cheddar, grilled pickles onions, iceberg lettuce slaw, housemade aioli, housemade ketchup, and housemade Dijon mustard, you better get there early—they only serve five a night. More

Foie Gras Jelly Doughnut at Le Pigeon, Portland, Oregon

Adam Kuban 7 comments

The Faster Times Scott Gold of The Faster Times reports on the foie gras jelly doughnut at Le Pigeon in Portland, Oregon: It’s as though the menu had performed the Jedi mind-trick on me: "You will have the foie gras jelly donut." "I will have the foie gras jelly donut." When the server came to take our orders, I pointed at the menu and asked, simply, “Seriously?” ”Oh, yes,” he said. Oh well, I thought. I guess we’re going to do this. As Gold says, it's a slice of foie gras atop a house-made doughnut, with another slice of foie gras on the side. "It was fried fat topped with seared fat, plain as can be." [via Sullivan via... More

Falling in Love With Le Pigeon in Portland, Oregon

Allison Hemler 9 comments

I can't help but have a huge crush on Gabriel Rucker and his cooking. It started when my friend Jen and I entered the candlelit haven of Le Pigeon in Portland, Oregon. I knew I'd found my new favorite restaurant—the dining environment is friendly, romantic, and rustic, with only bar stools and communal tables. You can observe what your fellow diners are ordering and ask for suggestions without feeling intrusive. Though our hour and a half wait didn't yield a coveted up-close-and-personal bar stool to gaze at Gabe, his tattoos, and his burners, home base for the evening was a front corner table with a perfect view of the kitchen intensity. Since my budget couldn't afford both wine and... More

Huffing and Puffing My Way to a Sandwich Revelation

Ed Levine 3 comments

Every year Food & Wine throws a huge party honoring the Best New Chefs its editors have just named in the magazine. This year the event was held at Aspen Meadows, part of the Aspen Institute. The setting was magical. Mountains sprouted out of every window you looked out of, with streams and rivers placed ever so perfectly between them. The event was held in a space with three levels. My favorite on the first level was April Bloomfield's pork cheeks. Bloomfield is the chef partner at the Spotted Pig in New York City. But I had a feeling I would find something even better higher up, so I huffed and puffed my way to the third floor (the altitude... More

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