'Laura Ling' on Serious Eats

Laura Ling's Special Soup Revealed, Sort Of

Why the hoagie, you ask? Wonder no more. This morning we noted that the mom of freed journalist Laura Ling (right, with hoagie) had been making her daughter's "special soup" for two days. But what the heck was that soup? This evening, the New York Times reports: "'Laura loves this soup,' said Mary Ling, standing in front of her daughter’s house in North Hollywood with a bouquet of flowers and some nourishment. 'It’s a special Chinese herbal soup.'" OK. That doesn't tell us much. Jump to Examiner.com, which says, "ABC's Kate Snow ... reported Wednesday evening that it's a 'Chinese watercress soup.'" (I can't find a link at this moment to back that up.) More from that same Times... More

Freed Journalist Laura Ling an Apparent Hoagie-Lover

Freed journalists Laura Ling, with hoagie, and Euna Lee. When CNN.com first published the news that journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee were freed from North Korea yesterday, these were the photos they used. At some point, the website cropped out the hoagie from Ling's photo—but not before sharp-eyed Philadelphia Citypaper blogger Drew Lazor noticed it and screen-capped it, saying: ...why did CNN decide to zoom in/crop the image after its initial posting? Is it inappropriate to show a former detainee brandishing a sandwich like a motherfucking microphone? We certainly don’t think so. On the contrary—nothing, in our opinion at least, screams democracy quite like this. Fuck you, Kim Jong-il, you evil commie bastard! This shit has THREE KINDS... More

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