'Lapp' on Serious Eats

Pizza Obsessives: Craig Agranoff (aka 'Lapp') of 'Worst Pizza'

"Although the name clearly implies that we are looking to expose the worst pizza out there, we are actually trying to help find the best. By weeding through the pizza that sucks we help ensure that our readers never have to eat a bad slice again. Originally I started the site due to the poor pizza down in Florida. After moving from Long Island, New York, I couldn't believe what passed for pizza here. So when forming the site, it was my intention to complain about the bad pizza I had. As the site progressed, and our SEO got better, it seemed more beneficial to go on a quest to find the best slice." More

Lapp, aka 'Pizzaexpert,' aka 'Worst Pizza' Appears on the Gary Vaynerchuk Show

Lapp, who you might know here on Slice as pizzaexpert (aka the Worst Pizza Guy), appeared on Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library TV today. Vaynerchuk gives him some good-natured shit because Lapp doesn't drink (the first guest to come on and not drink with him) and because Lapp likes the Miami Dolphins (Vaynerchuk is a HUGE Jets fan.) Vaynerchuk tastes three wines he thinks might go well with pizza: 2008 Shaya Rueda: A white. He likes. Reminds him of Capri Sun. 2007 Il Maniaco Montepulciano D'abruzzo: A red. Whoa. He HATES this one. Makes me wonder why he sells it... More

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