'Lamingtons' on Serious Eats

Shaun Hergatt's Lamington Bars

The Lamington is a bite-sized treat that's wildly popular in Australia. These little cubes of tender sponge cake, filled with raspberry jam and coated with chocolate and coconut, can be cut into cookies or served in larger pieces for a more cake-like dessert. Either way, their chocolate ganache coating makes them perfect for packing up and gifting. More

Photo of the Day: Lamingtons

I bookmarked this image long ago as one of my favorite photos in the Serious Eats photo group on Flickr. Going through that collection today, my eye stopped on this arresting image. You can almost taste the missing bite that the photographer, Aapplemint, took from the cakelet at the bottom of the pyramid here. (In fact, this picture sent me scurrying off to the Serious Eats doughnut repository for a little something sweet.) Those cakelets, by the way are lamingtons, which I'd never heard of before Googling them. These traditional Australian treats are small squares of butter cake covered with chocolate icing and dried coconut. If you'd like to make them, Aapplemint's got a recipe on her blog.... More

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