'Lafayette Coney Island' on Serious Eats

Hot Dog Of The Week: Detroit Coneys

"Like any hot dog style that's been around for almost 100 years, the Detroit Coney has migrated far and wide." [Artwork: Hawk Krall] Past Weeks' Dogs Seattle Style DogHalf-Smoke24-Hour DogThe Philly ComboTijuana Dog Detroit's Coney Island hot dog phenomenon has almost nothing to do with Brooklyn's Coney Island (similar to its cousin the Texas Weiner, which has absolutely no relation to Texas). At first glance, the Coney might just look like your average chili dog—but don't say that to anyone in Michigan, Ohio, upstate New York, or any of the other far-reaching places where the Coney has migrated. In Detroit, a "Coney" is a natural casing beef and pork dog covered in ridiculous amounts of Coney Sauce, yellow mustard, and... More

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