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NYC: La Pizza Fresca (or, 'How the VPN Is Like THX Sound')

Alejandro Rivas has been the pizzaiolo at New York City's La Pizza Fresca since it opened in 1997 and fired up its wood-burning oven. He has made tens of thousands of pizzas since, working lunch and dinner six days a week. He gets Saturdays off, when his boss takes over the oven, but I bet the pies are not quite as good on those days. I asked Rivas if he ever eats pizza on his day off. He looked at me like I was nuts. More

'Always Hungry' Disappointed After Revisiting La Pizza Fresca

The blog Always Hungry visited La Pizza Fresca, the first New York City pizzeria to really stress its Neapolitan bone fides (it was the first joint in the city to receive certification from the Vera Pizza Napoletana association) to see how it held up after all the high-profile Naples-stilo openings as of late. After doing a pie-by-pie tasting, the folks there didn't like it: Of course, the real draw of a Neapolitan style pizza is the thin crust, and La Pizza Fresca’s limp, chewy base was dangerously close to that of Franny’s, a problem with every pie. Ooh, and... More

Voice Choices

SAY NUMBER 13: Dom DeMarco, Slice's "Italian hero," makes the cover of this week's Village Voice. The alt-weekly's Robert Sietsema tallies his top 100 Italian restaurants, DeMarco of Di Fara fame clocking in at lucky thirteen. Robert Sietsema of the Village Voice runs down his top 100 Italian restaurants. Seeing as how pizza is Italian or Italian American (depending on style), there are more than a few pizzerias in the mix. The usual suspects appear throughout as well as a few surprises and what might be hidden gems. Following, we've digested the list, ignoring any nonpizza establishments. For the full... More

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