'La Caja China box' on Serious Eats

The La Caja China Box, In Cake and Real-Life Form

When shopping for a home, potential buyers should confirm that at least one neighbor owns a La Caja China Box. Mine thankfully do, and over the weekend we hosted a Cuban-style pig roast with their wooden, crib-sized box which recreates the tradition of charcoal-covered pits, first inspired by Chinese railroad workers in Cuba. Pre-ordered weeks in advance, our 65-pound oinker got strapped between two racks and for four hours, roasted under a total of 40 pounds of charcoal. Hour three is most climactic, when piggy gets flipped, before another final hour of skin crispification. Like a reverse grill, the meat sits below a tray of burning charcoal. The temperature rests at about 325°F all four hours, so the meat... More

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