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Top This: The Village Deep Dish Pie (à la Union Pizza Company)

Slice Kelly Bone 4 comments

Union Pizza Company's The Village deep dish pizza is loaded with pepperoni, Italian sausage, smoked ham, sautéed mushrooms, thick sauce, and a pound of cheese. Owner Bruce Markoe pays special attention to the meats, with a technique that ensures his pie stays crisp and light. Well, as light at a five pound pool of pizza can hope to be.,, More

Los Angeles: The Deep Dish on the Mysterious Hollywood Pies

Slice Kelly Bone and Lance Roberts 38 comments

Hollywood Pies is a bit of an enigma in the L.A. pizza scene, so we sent in not one, but two correspondents to get the full story...and argue about vegetarianism and its role in Chicago style. More

Los Angeles: Will Pizzanista! Make You a Believer?

Slice Lance Roberts 3 comments

Skateboarding legend Salman Agah's Pizzanista! has garnered quite the buzz in hip downtown Los Angeles, but when we checked in again last week, we ended up with a tale of two slices... More

Mother Dough: Is "Good" Good Enough in Los Angeles?

Slice Lance Roberts 13 comments

Bez Compani is as obsessed about Neapolitan pizza as anyone, but his restaurant, Mother Dough, is still flying under the radar in Los Feliz, despite plenty of raves. We went in to find out why and ended up eating some great pizza in the process. More

Los Angeles: Barone's Makes a Strong Case for the Pepperoni

Slice Lance Roberts 34 comments

Pepperoni is becoming known as the most boring and predictable of all pizza toppings. So what does an old school place like Barone's do to compete in a post-pepperoni world? They double down and turn their thick-cut slices of pork into cheese bowls, of course. More

Daily Slice: Bianco DiNapoli Margherita from Mozza2Go, Los Angeles, CA

Slice Lance Roberts 16 comments

My biggest complaint with Mozza was always the Margherita, and the biggest problem with the Margherita has always, always been the too herby, overly tangy, borderline sludgy tomato sauce. Enter Bianco DiNapoli plum tomatoes. More

Los Angeles: Is 800 Degrees Really a Pizza Game Changer?

Slice Lance Roberts 27 comments

800 Degrees is leading the charge for a new group of Chipotle-like, fast casual pizzerias. But can assembly lines really produce a quality Neapolitan pizza? We got in line (multiple times) to find the answer. More

Sotto Pushes the Neapolitan Pizza Envelope in Los Angeles

Slice Lance Roberts 11 comments

Neapolitan pizza has gained a solid foothold in America, but where does it go from here? Los Angeles' Sotto responds with more intense flavors and next-level char...but is that the right answer? We went in to find out. More

The Great Slice Drought of Los Angeles is Over Thanks to Vito's Pizza

Slice Lance Roberts 35 comments

L.A. has picked its game up when it comes to gourmet pizza, but its still lacking in authentic New York style. Fortunately for Angelenos, Vito's Pizza has come to the rescue...via New Jersey. More

Eagle Rock, CA: Casa Bianca Pizza Pie

Slice Lance Roberts 27 comments

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie has been slinging pies since 1955 and carried around the "best pizza in the city" title for much of it, but is a great story and a heavy dose of nostalgia good enough to slice it in a post-Mozza L.A.? We went in to find out, and ended up in a pizza-style debate. More

Daily Slice: Squash Blossoms and Burrata from Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles

Slice Daniel Zemans 7 comments

In two trips to Pizzeria Mozza, I've tried 10 different pizzas. Eventually, I expect to make it through all 23. I do not, however, think I will have one better than the squash blossom and burrata pizza. Delicate and rich, creamy, crunchy, and chewy, this pie is a magnificent blend of flavors and textures that I've been dreaming of since eating it a month ago. More

Downtown LA: Bottega Louie

Slice Nick Solares 10 comments

The pies in fact are not unlike a Hollywood remake of an artsy Italian film—bigger and bolder but less substantive, in the same way that the restaurant itself is a glitzy, upscale version of a neighborhood trattoria. That doesn't mean that it isn't enjoyable, just that it's pricey for what you get. More

Watch the Battle of the LA Burger Trucks on Tonight's Episode of 'Food Wars'

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 4 comments

Tonight's episode of Food Wars features Los Angeles burger trucks Grill 'Em All and Baby's Badass Burgers. These aren't just any two burger trucks—Grill 'Em All chef Ryan Hawkins used to work in the Baby's Badass Burger truck before... More

Field Report: Terroni, Los Angeles

Slice A Slice Field Agent 12 comments

Here's another community-submitted bit of intel from the field (again from L.A., what is this!?!) from Lara B. (aka "Leebo" in Slice/SeriousEats-land). Thanks, Lara! And remember, if YOU want to submit your review, here's how. —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Lara "Leebo" B.] Terroni 7605 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90036 (at Curson; map); 323-954-0300; terroni.ca Pizza style: Neapolitan Oven type: Electric Price: $12 to $17 for medium (the only size) Being a recent transplant to Los Angeles, I discovered that great pizza is actually hard to find here. Well, it wasn't that big of a surprise, but I was on a... More

Los Angeles: SliceTruck Is Awesome!

Slice A Slice Field Agent 4 comments

Another community-submitted bit of intel from the field (again from L.A.!) from Misty O. Thanks, Misty! --The Mgmt. [Photograph: Misty O.] SliceTruck The road; follow @slicetruck on Twitter for exact locations slicetruck.com Pizza style: New York–style The skinny: It's a truck serving pizza! Price: $3 a slice, two for $5 It's amazing pizza...from a truck. Ignore any bad reviews you've heard (I think the last reviewer went during a food truck fest, when they had to make pizza en masse). SliceTruck is awesome. Their crust is thin and super crunchy, toppings are fresh, and the guys who work there are... More

Los Angeles: Bottega Louie

Slice A Slice Field Agent 9 comments

Another community-submitted bit of intel from the field from jms1253. Thanks, jms1253! —The Mgmt. [Photograph: Bottega Louie] Bottega Louie 700 S Grand Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90017 213-802-1470; bottegalouie.com Pizza style: Neapolitan Oven type: Wood Stone Price: Margherita pizza (serves 1), $16 Bottega Louie pizza is the only reason I'll travel downtown. The texture of their crust is absolutely perfect, and I would drink their sauce straight if they sold it in water bottles. I've tried them all, and this is, hands down, the best pie on the entire West Coast. —jms1253 Want to see your favorite pizzeria on Slice?... More

Los Angeles: SliceTruck

Slice A Slice Field Agent 7 comments

I started to write an editor's note here, but it got too long — almost longer than this review. So it's after the jump if you'd care to read it. —The Mgmt. [Photograph: Slice Truck] SliceTruck The road; follow @slicetruck on Twitter for exact locations slicetruck.com Pizza style: New York imitation The skinny: It's a truck serving pizza! Price: $3 a slice, two for $5 I went for the SliceTruck, very curious about the quality as all I've heard is from the internet. The best part about the pizza might've been the basil and Parmesan sprinkled on afterward, then the... More

L.A.: The SliceTruck

Slice Adam Kuban 8 comments

[Photographs: Slice Truck] While pizza from a truck predates the current food-truck craze, the type of pizza you'd most often see come from a kitchen on wheels seemed to be the Sicilian slices. In L.A., a city not really known for pizza, the new SliceTruck mobile vendor looks like it's turning out some thin, thin pizzas I'd eat in a flash. I mean, look at that pepperoni pie up there. If seeing is believing, call me Mickey Dolenz. The SliceTruck roams the streets of L.A. As is de rigueur with street-fooders these days, use Twitter to follow their schedule... More

Pizza Madness 2009: Los Angeles — Pizzeria Mozza and Antica Pizzeria

Slice Adam Kuban 19 comments

From the Slice inbox: "Waiting for your review of Mozza and Antica. Please get to it soon. Thanks. —Pizzafreak" OK. Here you go, Pizzafreak. My blathering about "Pizza Madness 2009" continues ... —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Adam Kuban] Until I touched down at LAX on Thursday, October 29, most of my knowledge of Los Angeles came from CHiPs, The Rockford Files, the Terminator franchise, and The Closer. I had a feeling I'd be in for a shock. It came pretty early. On the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and North Crescent (straight-up 90210 territory), I saw both a Bentley Continental ragtop... More

Slice Mentioned on 'Good Day LA'

Slice Adam Kuban 5 comments

Slice was apparently featured on Good Day LA this morning during the "Maria Surfs the Web" segment. Thanks to Maria Quiban for the shout out. Greetings to any new folks in Los Angeles who may have found us via KTTV Fox 11. (And just so nobody gets bent out of shape here, the videos Ms. Quiban actually shows in her segment were videos Slice embedded via Food Network Humor and Stephanie Izard's Tasty Life.) Update (7/14/2009): As has been pointed out below and on Food Network Humor, my tone above comes off as pretty damn flip—that's not what I... More

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