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Krispy Kreme's Organic Oatmeal Does Not Contain Doughnuts, Why Not?

When Sweets editor Carrie told me that Krispy Kreme was selling oatmeal, I just assumed the press release read: "We're finally putting doughnuts on top of oatmeal! Finally, guys!!" Would this actually taste good? Doughnuts too porous and will turn all soggy, you say? All valid concerns, but also beside the point. If Krispy Kreme is going to sell oatmeal, they should at least give you the option of a doughnut topping, right? More

Easter Egg Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme

Calling all Krispy Kreme aficionados: the revered doughnut chain is throwing its hat, or rather its egg-shaped doughnuts, into the ring this Easter season with two glazed ovoid treats. But buyer beware—you need a seriously developed sweet tooth to appreciate these guys. More

New Drinks: Krispy Kreme's Cookies and Kreme Chiller

Through June 26th, Krispy Kreme Donuts will be churning out an Oreo cookie shake they call the Cookies and Kreme Chiller. It's blended smooth and not too thick—the resulting color is a bit gray, as you might expect. On top is a pillowy layer of whipped cream capped by small, crisp Oreo chunks. The contrast in textures is the highlight of the drink; perhaps we should just order a big cup of whipped cream and cookie bits. More

Dear Krispy Kreme, You Left the Filling Out of Our Cheerwine Kreme Filled Doughnuts

When Laurel came back from Edisto Island, South Carolina, with a box of Krispy Kreme Cheerwine Kreme Filled Doughnuts (purchased at the local Piggly Wiggly) we gathered around, equal parts curious and giddy. Oooh, Cheerwine. The cherry-flavored soda isn't spotted much outside of the southeastern United States, plus this was multiplied by doughnuts—limited edition doughnuts, mind you. They were only sold at grocery stores in the Carolinas for the month of July. But when we cut into our half-dozen, we were met with Cheerwine-less, normal doughnut innards. More

It's National Doughnut Day!

Happy National Doughnut Day! In honor of the big day, the dueling doughnut heavyweights are giving away morning treats. At Dunkin’ Donuts, any drink purchase scores a bonus doughnut. Krispy Kreme is doing a straight giveaway—one freebie per customer. If you'd rather part with a buck or two for a superior doughnut, check out The Serious Eats Honor Roll for top picks around the country. If you're not quite up on your doughnut terminology, there's no better time to read up. Nilla Wafer doughnuts, Mormon doughnuts—anything's fair game, today. As long as you keep that sweet tooth in check... and don't do anything you'll regret tomorrow.... More

Food Businesses Guilty of Spelling and Grammar Errors

Photograph from marc.benton on Flickr One way to lose weight is to avoid food purveyors that willingly commit misspellings. See ya, Krispy Kreme. According to this MSNBC report, Angela Nickerson is so annoyed by the Ks, she won't patronize the doughnut chain. If you really want to shave the calories, cut out all restaurants or businesses using unnecessary quotations, too. The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks has been famously policing the bad grammar scene for years now. If you've read the "menus" or "sandwich boards" of the restaurants you frequent, it won't "surprise" you that a number of eateries get their "knuckles" rapped.... More

Krispy Kreme's Halloween Pumpkin-Shaped Jack-o'-Doughnut

Photograph from nycblondieandbrownie on Flickr Food blog Blondie and Brownie discovered a Halloween doughnut at the new Krispy Kreme in New York City's Penn Station: this cute pumpkin-shaped Jack-o'-Lantern doughnut (or as we prefer to call it, the Jack-o'-Doughnut)! Blondie says the icing was incredibly sweet and turned her mouth orange. Halloween lovers can grab these doughnuts at participating Krispy Kremes until October 31. Krispy Kreme is also offering pumpkin spice cake doughnuts until November 30.... More

In Latest Turnaround Bid, Krispy Kreme Dips into Ice Cream Market

Says USA Today: "Another key part of the plan is the company's new Kool Kreme soft serve, which will be featured with a toppings bar. The product is being tested in several stores around the country. Whether the new offering will boost sales remains to be seen, but analysts have yet to be impressed—especially as Krispy Kreme's competitors are trying to attract health-conscious customers with egg-white sandwiches and whole-grain pastries."... More

Running for Doughnuts

Do you like running? And eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts? At the same time? Then make sure you enter this year's Iowa Sate University Doughnut Run taking place on April 13th. You won't actually stuff your face with doughnuts while on the run, but you will have the opportunity to eat donuts at the aid stations for the chance of shaving seconds off your final running time. (Eating doughnuts isn't required to run the race; then again, why else would you enter it?) Time will only be subtracted for doughnuts you keep in your stomach though; digested doughnuts upchucked before crossing the finish line don't count. [via neatorama] North Carolina State University's Krispy Kreme Challenge is another doughnut-themed marathon with a... More

Now At Krispy Kreme: Hot Fresh Whole Wheat Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme introduced their newest doughnuts yesterday: they're glazed, caramel flavored... and made of whole wheat: "The company called the new doughnut an alternative for health-conscious consumers, with 180 calories. The original glazed has 200 calories, according to the company's Web site." Seriously, a saving of just 20 calories? Sorry, but that's the same vein of ridiculous as people who order gallon-size Diet Cokes along with their buttered popcorn at the movie theater because they think it's going to help them lose weight. Have the real thing occasionally as a treat—you won't feel deprived, and perhaps even more important, you won't be fooling yourself about your nutrition. [via yumsugar]... More

Krispy Kreme Now in Japan

And it seems pretty big there, too, according to website Japan Probe: A huge line of interested people quickly formed, obviously happy to get their hands on a free box of thickly-glazed doughnuts. The newscasters seemed to have bought into the hype by basically endorsing the new product by gorging down on them in the studio. Here's the newscasters on YouTube:... More

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