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Snapshots from Korea: Looking For Frozen Sweets in the Hongdae District of Seoul

Sweets Jay Friedman 1 comment

Artisanal ice cream seems like it would be a sure-fire hit in Seoul, especially during the hot and humid summer days when temperatures can easily reach into the 90s. I recently found myself in the young and hip Hongdae district, full of indie spirit and whimsical shops, clubs, and restaurants. Wandering in the heat amidst the cat cafes and street vendors, I was focused on finding some frozen refreshment. More

Snapshots from Korea: Smashing Pastry at Schneeballen in Seoul

Sweets Jay Friedman 3 comments

A late spring stroll through the hip Hondae district of Seoul yielded a strange and surprising sight: a window full of colorful, giant "snowballs." Upon closer inspection, I was delighted to see that these were actually powdered sugar-covered pastries called Schneeballen at a bakery/café that's appropriately named Schneeballen. The best part? When you smash them with a mallet. More

8 More Crazy Korean Chip Flavors

Amanda Nichols 2 comments

Yesterday we shared four of our favorite snack souvenirs from South Korea. SE contributor Chris Hansen also recently traveled to Korea and came back with a suitcase full of chips. What's up with Korea and crazy chip flavors? Pizza, Korean barbecue, and more "real meal" flavors. More

4 Snack Souvenirs from South Korea

Dan Souza 4 comments

The Angry Bird chips from Korea are the kind of chip where you take your first bite and self-righteously think, "Well (ahem) I won't be eating any more of these—they're simply not flavorful enough," and then proceed to hoover half the bag. More

10 Instant Noodle Flavors That Are Actually Spicy

The Ramen Rater 14 comments

Recently I received an email from a man who was angry. He was angry that his "spicy chicken" instant noodles weren't spicy whatsoever. Are any flavors out there actually spicy? Here are 10 that should get your mouth's attention. More

Snapshots from Seoul: 8 Must-Eat Foods

J. Kenji López-Alt 15 comments

Korean food is simpler and homier than, say, Japanese food, though the two cuisines do share some characteristics—the combination of sweet and savory flavors, plenty of seafood, and lots of grilled and simmered dishes. Check out the eight dishes you can't leave Seoul without eating. More

Snapshots from South Korea: Foods You Must Eat in Jeju-do and the Mainland

Chris Hansen 10 comments

This is just a slice of the diversity of Korean cuisine. You'll notice themes across the dishes: the simple pleasures of local and seasonal ingredients, blushes of heat from spice and fire, and above all, pride in food and of country. Take a look at some of the best bites: the bulgogi, the street food, and much more. More

Pizza's Origins Traced to Korea

Slice Meredith Smith 6 comments

Italy stole pizza from Korea! ...at least according to this brilliant satire funded by the Korean pizza outlet Mr. Pizza. In terms of clever ads, It definitely blows Domino's attempt out of the water. More

Snapshots from Korea: The O-Il Jang (Five Day Market) on Jeju Island

Chris Hansen 2 comments

During the filming of PBS's The Kimchi Chronicles, renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his wife, Marja, visited one of the several O-Il Jang (5 Day Market) on Jeju-do, the provincial island off of the southern coast of the Korean peninsula. According to the producer of The Kimchi Chronicles Eric Rhee, Vongerichten was so inspired by the market that he halted the shooting schedule, bought everything in sight, commandeered the kitchen of a local hotel, and cooked an impromptu multi-course meal for the film crew and hotel staff. More

What Happens When You Try to Make Kimchi Quesadillas in Korea

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

"We kind of had the opposite problem that anyone stateside has... Kimchi is not exactly hard to come by here, and when you live in a neighborhood adjacent to a military base that houses several thousand U.S. military personnel, cheese and tortillas aren't either; it's just that they're severely overpriced. I had to spend about $12 for like half a pound total of cheddar and monterey jack." —tumblandrew.tumblr.com (in response to yesterday's Dinner Tonight recipe)... More

Kimchi Donuts from Dunkin' Donuts in Korea

Erin Zimmer 18 comments

[Photograph: Andrew Siddons] Fried dough and fermented cabbage aren't two things that usually join forces, except maybe in South Korea where my friend spotted this kimchi donut. It's one of five "ethnic" flavors that Dunkin' Donuts launched (they also made a yogurt-filled one in Greece and soy-filled one in Japan). Technically there's no hole, so they're calling them kimchi croquettes. File this under: potentially genius or a vile, gag reflex-inducing mistake. Related Snapshots from South Korea: Pon de Ring Doughnuts from Mister Donut New Burger/Doughnut Creations from Mosdo in Japan Paula Deen on Her Bacon, Doughnut, and Fried Egg Burger... More

OMG! Ginormous Bibimbap!

Adam Kuban 2 comments

Here's a photo. The Google translation is priceless: "I've got to rub it evenly."... More

There's Something Fis... Er, Beefy Going On

Emily Koh 2 comments

The U.S. beef ban over mad cow disease concerns may have been lifted in South Korea last month, but how does it look when even officials aren't willing to eat imported beef on TV? When the free trade agreement (FTA) talks between South Korea and the U.S. were under way in 2006, Trade Minister Kim [Jong-hoon] ― who was the chief negotiator ― said he was willing to eat imported U.S. beef "as a citizen." But he declined to reply whether he would eat the beef on TV. Later, Kim expressed uneasiness about journalists' questions on food safety and test eating.[Assistant U.S. Trade Representative] Wendy Cutler, who was the chief negotiator for the U.S., was also noncommittal on the eating... More

Photo of the Day: Tornado Potato

Alaina Browne 6 comments

Photograph from Superlocal on Flickr This fine specimen of street food, the "tornado potato" or, if you prefer, the "tortato," was spotted on the streets of Seoul, South Korea. They can also be found in Japan.... More

Kimchi's Ripe and Spicy Scale

Alaina Browne 1 comment

How ripe and spicy is that kimchi in a jar? The South Korean Ministry of Agriculture has proposed a scale for ranking kimchi spiciness—mild, slightly hot, moderately hot, very hot, and extremely hot. It also includes a three-level scale of "ripeness," depending on the degree of fermentation. Local manufacturers are encouraged to adopt the standards, which are aimed at promoting exports and may fall under regulation in the future. For the record, I like my kimchi "very hot" and "fermented." Photograph by Nagyman on Flickr... More

Photo of the Day: Three Little Pigs

Alaina Browne 1 comment

Three Little Pigs, Busan by cfarivar on Flickr I am fascinated by the blissed out expression on these pigs' faces, hopefully a reflection of the way they lived and died though that's probably wishful thinking on my part.... More

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