'Kona Kampachi' on Serious Eats

Kona Kampachi: The Wonder Fish

The commercial fishing industry hasn't been doing so hot in recent years. Fish like cod and king salmon are decreasing dramatically or disappearing completely due to overfishing to meet global demands. The effects of global warming are starting to become evident as well, and let's not forget the hubbub raised earlier this year over the high level of mercury in certain species like tuna or swordfish. Enter the Kona Kampachi, a "designer yellowtail" bred in Kona, Hawaii. Fortune Magazine goes so far as to even dub it "the wonder fish": It's not genetically engineered in any way, just well bred. It's sashimi-grade and sustainably farmed without hormones or prophylactic antibiotics. It's richer in omega-3 than just about anything else in... More

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