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Drink the Book: Orange Kombucha

I have to admit I was a bit taken aback when I came across kombucha recipes in Andrew Schloss's Homemade Soda since I'd always thought of this fermented tea as more of a health tonic than an easy drinking soda. But when you think about it, kombucha does fall into the flavored carbonated beverage category, regardless of how good for you if might be. Since kombucha has been on my try-it-out-at-home list for quite a while, giving one of Schloss's fermented tea recipes a whirl seemed like the perfect excuse to delve into the world of kombucha mothers and babies. More

Cool Drinks, NY: BAO Kombucha

All the NYC-based Kombucha addicts I know are divided into two camps: some are loyal to Kombucha Brooklyn and the others would never stray from tart, fizzy BAO Kombucha. For me, it depends on which flavors I'm craving. More

Kombucha: The Acquired Taste for Funky-Tasting Fermented Tea

It's hard to compare the taste of kombucha (comb-boo-cha), the fermented tea drink, to anything else. Vinegary, fizzy, cider-y, or just plain nasty if you haven't given it a chance yet. Then again, some people (particularly those who drank vinegar as a kid) like it from sip one. The leaders of the market are GT's Kombucha, but brands like Honest Tea are appearing on shelves, and some "kombuchaseurs" are brewing their own at home. More

Kombucha: A New Artisan of an Age Old Craft

A typical way to describe kombucha is to say it’s fermented mushroom tea. So when faced with a choice of a well made cappuccino or fermented mushroom tea, that voice inside your head may scream, "double cap extra foam." But Uzbekistan-born Lev Kilun will let you sample his house made kombucha on-tap while you wait for your organic espresso drink at Café Lyon in the Rockridge district of Oakland, California. Before your double cap is done brewing, you might wish you ordered the kombucha instead.... More

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