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Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Paul Fehribach's East Lakeview

Chicago Amy Cavanaugh 3 comments

At Big Jones, chef and co-owner Paul Fehribach cooks up Southern dishes rooted in history. But when it comes time to eat in his East Lakeview neighborhood, where he's lived for about seven years, Fehribach favors a mix of old and new. More

The Greatest Coffees of 2011

Drinks Liz Clayton 4 comments

2011 went like most years: full of busy coffee travels, from Grand Rapids to Vancouver to Copenhagen, and like most great things, each moment went by just a little too fast. In the world of coffee, where each coffee changes crop to crop, roast to roast, brew to brew, remembering your favorite moments of the year can be hard—these drinks aren't (well, not in most cases) something you can bottle and enjoy in exactly the same way again and again and again. But maybe that makes those most delicious cups all that much more special? Here are some—though certainly not all—of the best cups of coffee we sipped in 2011. More

Some Like it Cold (Brewed): 5 Cool Coffee Methods

Drinks Liz Clayton 18 comments

The playing field of cool brewed coffee has widened considerably since the days when espresso over ice was the only option. From industrial plastic tubs to mesmerizing chemistry-set corkscrew drippers, cold brew is in full summer effect. Whether you're toting a cup of melting ice cubes to the park, or bringing home a handsome bottle to nurse all week long, you want your coffee cold? Baby, you've got options. More

Coffee Chronicles: Weekends at Hester Street

New York Liz Clayton 1 comment

"I have a Yugoslavian mini folding bike that we want to fashion into a grinder." [Photos: Liz Clayton and Kickstand] Maybe it doesn't take that much to make a cup of amazing coffee—great coffee, a water source, a little electricity,... More

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