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The Year In Fast Food

2010 was quite a year for fast food. It's hard to believe that just twelve months ago, McDonald's didn't sell smoothies, Taco Bell's tacos were an awful lot worse, and no one had heard of a sandwich with fried chicken as its bun. Take a look back at 2010 in the fast food world. More

Double Down Throwdown: Our Homemade Version Takes on KFC's

To me, the grossness of the KFC Double Down sandwich is the same as what's gross about all fast food: convenience and quality. It's simply too easy to walk up to a window, hand over five bucks, and get 600 industrially produced calories prepared by a worker who couldn't care less. As a culinary concept, on the other hand, chicken, bacon, and cheese sounds pretty good to me. So what if I were to recreate the Double Down with time and care using quality ingredients? How would it compare to the original? More

Vintage Advertising from Mom's Basement

Found in Mom's Basement is a site that archives vintage ads, some of which are food-related like those above, retrieved from flea markets, various corners of the Internet, and the actual basement of the blogger Paula Zargaj-Reynolds's mom. [via Coudal Partners] Related An Evolution of Pabst Advertising Risqué Orangina Ads Stir Controversy Luxe Ads for Everyday Food... More

In Videos: Classic Kentucky Fried Chicken Commercial (1980)

"You know, I used to serve fast food as a treat, but now fast food is more than a once-in-a-while thing." The mother in this Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial is so not like my mom; otherwise I would've been a happier kid. Or less healthy. But this commercial just makes me feel so good and wholesome that I dream of bestowing Kentucky Fried Chicken "made with the highest quality chicken" onto my future cowboys and Indians-playing children. Watch the video after the jump.... More

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