'Kensington' on Serious Eats

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Andy Choi's Kensington and Park Slope, Brooklyn

Put some popcorn in front of Andy Choi, the executive chef of Cherry, and he's hooked. Give him a Jameson neat with the popcorn and he couldn't be much happier. While Choi has worked in kitchens from upscale places like Le Cirque to downtown's trendy Momofuku Ssam Bar, he simply craves good, unfussy food when he's home in Kensington, Brooklyn. He moved the to changing neighborhood a few months ago, and with a few stops in nearby Park Slope, Choi chatted with us about his favorite spots. More

Serious Cheese: Grilled Cheese, Georgian Style

Photograph from Goulven Champenois on Flickr The combination of crusty dough and melted cheese has spawned some of the greatest foods in the world. Pizza and grilled cheese come first to mind for many Americans, but the United States can hardly claim ownership. Indeed, thousands of miles across the world, in a land wedged between the Black Sea to the west and the Caspian Sea to the east, the bread-and-cheese meme has perhaps reached its apex in the form of the Georgian food khachapuri—literally, "cheese bread."... More

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