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Watch Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonette Make Rabbit and Snail Paella at Toro

Ken Oringer's five Boston area restaurants—including the flagship Clio in the Eliot Hotel, sashimi bar Uni, pizza and salumi bar Coppa, taqueria La Verded, and the original Toro in Boston's South End—are still key players in the Boston scene, but the new branch of Toro recently opened in Chelsea is his first move in New York. Here's a look at how their paella, a large-format dish in several variations, is made. More

Boston: Behind The Scenes at Clio's 15th Anniversary, 15 Chef, 15 Course Blowout Dinner

With 15 chefs cooking 15 courses for Clio's 15th Anniversary dinner, if food is really the new rock (as some claim it to be) and chefs the new rockstars, this was like the Bonnaroo of meals. That would make me the roadie of the meal, lending a hand here and there, mostly just honored to work with such talent. Take a behind-the-scenes look at all the action and the food. More

Boston: First Look at Uni's Late Night Ramen

You can now head down to Uni's sashimi bar any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night after 11pm to slurp $10 bowls of ramen or chow down on a couple of duck buns, along with fine cocktails, of course. Take a look at everything on the menu. My recommendation: the Umami Ramen. It's everything right about fusion and utterly delicious. More

Where Recipes Come From: The Improvisers And The Tinkerers

I often get asked where ideas for the recipes I write come from, and it's an interesting question to me. For the most part, I think that the world of chefs and recipe developers can be divided into two major camps based on the way they operate. I'll call them the Improvisers and the Tinkerers, the Mozarts and the Beethovens, the Intelligent Designers and the Evolutionists, if you will. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Chile Relleno Torta from La Verdad in Boston

La Verdad, the Fenway Park taqueria, wouldn't be the first place to come to mind if someone asked me to name the best Ken Oringer restaurant, what with Clio, Uni, Toro, Coppa, and now Earth in Maine to contend with. But ask me for a favorite Ken Oringer dish, and top seed would probably go to La Verdad's Chile Relleno Torta ($9.95). It's crazy good. So good that every time I eat it, I mentally slap myself on the back of the head for having waited so long since the last time. More

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