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25 Beef Sandwiches We Love in NYC

New York Hally Wolhandler 9 comments

Beef, that delicious master of forms. We love it cured into salty pink pastrami and layered on rye. We love it ground with Parmesan, shaped into meatballs, and lined up on a saucy sub. We love tender short ribs and grizzly burnt ends, stringy brisket and tangy corned beef. It's just so tasty in all its outfits; here are 25 to get you drooling. More

9 Egg Dishes in NYC I Love

New York Ed Levine 5 comments

Soft-scrambled, perfectly poached, or fried, I can't resist a great egg dish. While chefs all over New York do crazy, creative things with them, each more impressive than the last, today I'm talking about simpler stuff—the kind I find myself craving, rather than admiring. Here are nine of my favorite egg dishes in New York; what are yours? More

Taste Test: The Best Babka in New York City

New York Erin Zimmer 40 comments

We traveled all over New York City to find the best babka—to markets, delis, bakeries, and even the largest babka bakery in the country, located in Brooklyn. Check out our results. More

Katz's Deli: Beyond the Pastrami

New York Ed Levine 20 comments

"I didn't even know that Katz's had a printed and laminated menu." [Photographs: Robyn Lee] Katz's Delicatessen 205 East Houston Street, New York, NY 10002 (at Ludlow; map); 212-254-2246; katzdeli.com‎ Service: Countermen are brusquely charming, waiters are right out of... More

The Great Pastrami Taste-Off: Katz's in New York vs. Langer's in Los Angeles

New York Ed Levine 38 comments

"What really blew us all away was the double-baked bread." [Photos: Carey Jones] Ever since I wrote my pastrami story for the New York Times a few years ago, I've wanted to conduct a taste test between Katz's Delicatessen in... More

Katz's Deli: Go for the Pastrami, Not the Breakfast

New York Nick Solares 10 comments

The Breakfast of Chumps As Alan Richman recently said, there is little worth eating beyond the pastrami, knockwurst, and hot dogs at the iconic Katz's Deli. Perhaps this isn't surprising. It is a bit like going to Peter Luger and... More

Anthony Bourdain's 'No Reservations' in New York City Tonight

New York Erin Zimmer 4 comments

Tonight's episode is called "Disappearing Manhattan," where Anthony Bourdain will hit "some of Manhattan’s classic restaurants, such as Katz’s Deli, Russ & Daughters and Hop Kee.” He is not saying these spots will disappear anytime soon (or hopefully ever),... More

Ferran Adria: The New Foam Meets the Old Foam

Ed Levine 23 comments

Where do I take Ferran Adrià, the man who is generally considered to be the greatest, most influential and innovative chef in the world, for a late breakfast or brunch in New York? Not an easy question, is it? Find out! More

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