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Cook the Book: Prosciutto and Melon with Spiced Olive Oil

Serious Eats Michele Humes Post a comment

As popular as it is, the classic combination of melon and Parma ham doesn't do so well as part of a cocktail spread. Depending on room temperature, the prosciutto can dry out or become limp and flabby. In Jason Denton... More

Cook the Book: Winter Farro Salad

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Today's recipe, reprinted from Simple Italian Snacks by Jason Denton and Kathryn Kellinger, is a gorgeous, jewel-toned salad just bursting with flavor and texture. I'm getting hungry just reading the ingredients list: pomegranate seeds, toasted almonds, chopped apples, smoked mozzarella,... More

Cook the Book: Black Olive and Cucumber Tramezzini

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A tramezzino is a small, crustless Italian sandwich. Unlike their more staid English relative, the finger sandwich, these light bites are consumed not at tea time but at cocktail hour. Jason Denton's black olive and cucumber tramezzini, reprinted from Simple... More

Balsamic-Glazed Cipolline

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The following recipe is from the December 3rd edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! We all love the ease and bounty of the antipasto platter—to the point where the concept... More

Cook the Book: Bruschetta Alla Romana

Serious Eats Michele Humes 3 comments

Bruschetta has become almost synonymous with tomatoes, but you needn't shelve this crowd-pleasing appetizer just because tomato season is over. In fact, the name of the lightly toasted bread dish derives from the word bruscare, a verb in the Roman... More

Cook the Book: Pork Sausage Spiedini with Bocconcini and Cherry Tomatoes

Serious Eats Michele Humes 4 comments

Photo from Ms. Glaze on Flickr Skewered anything makes a perfect party food. It's such an efficient presentation, leaving one hand free to hold a cocktail glass or gesture wildly, Italian-style. Appropriately enough, today's Cook the Book recipe is... More

Cook the Book: 'Simple Italian Snacks'

The Serious Eats Team Closed

Words by Michele Humes | Congratulations on surviving Thanksgiving! Of course, just when November is safely out of the way, along comes December with its back-to-back cocktail parties and family gatherings. Thankfully, it's Jason Denton and Kathryn Kellinger to the rescue with their Simple Italian Snacks. The latest book from the chef behind some of New York City's best-loved wine bars—'ino, 'inotecca, Lupa and Bar Milano—picks up where Simple Italian Sandwiches left off. Denton is still spreading the gospel that fine ingredients can speak louder than lengthy preparations, but has expanded his offerings to include party nibbles, small plates and full suppers. Each day this week, we'll be posting a party-ready recipe with an Italian accent—just add prosecco. Expect cocktail-friendly... More

Not the Last Temptation for Ed

New York Ed Levine Post a comment

When you're a food critic on a diet you're subject to more temptations than one could possibly imagine. Add those temptations to the array of holiday gatherings and the food that accompanies them, and you have a recipe for diet... More

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