'KarynMC' on Serious Eats

Foodie vs. (Vegan) Foodie: Let's Stop Dropping Anvils Already

Note: We received this thoughtful essay on the perceived dichotomy between food-lovers and vegetarian/vegans from longtime Serious Eats community member KarynMC and thought we'd highlight it here. Take it away, KMC! —AK Interestingly enough, the very first installment of Spy vs. Spy was somewhat food-related. Whenever an article touching on vegetarianism or, worse, its shorter-lettered derivative, appears on a food-centric message board or in the mainstream press, the comments always follow the same lines: "PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals" "Vegans are soulless, self-absorbed idiots whose tastebuds have withered into nothingness." "Vegans are terrorists. Bacon-hating douchebag terrorists." The assumption? Those who love food cannot be vegan, those who are vegan cannot love food. Perhaps the attitude derives from the meat=masculinity=real food... More

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