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How to Brew Coffee Using a Kalita Wave Dripper

Drinks Meister 7 comments

Introducing the latest obsession of coffee geeks: The lovely, hourglass-shaped Wave series of dripper pots from Japanese manufacturer Kalita. More

How Ceramic Coffee Drippers Stack Up

Drinks Liz Clayton 7 comments

You've likely seen the highly manual array of brewers migrate to the front bars of the best cafes: a small army of ceramic cones perched on a rack above what's soon to be your own custom cup of coffee. But as the choices multiply—and don't these things look just like the plastic Melitta cone in the back of your cupboard anyway?—which one is the best for your brew? More

How To Brew Coffee With a Kantan Dripper

Drinks Liz Clayton 4 comments

It's a bird! It's a paper airplane! It's a....portable unfolding one-time use coffee maker? For those for whom a ceramic cone dripper is too hefty and fragile to toss in one's overnight bag we offer the Kantan Dripper, a beguilingly and bizarrely simple disposable paper filter for brewing a clean, full-bodied cup on the go. More

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