'Kaffivagninn' on Serious Eats

Snapshots from Iceland: Overloaded Open-Face Sandwich

I visited Iceland from April 18 to 24. Although this sparsely populated country may not be known for its cuisine, there was plenty of interesting food to report on. This week I'll share some food-related bits with you. On our first day in Reykjavik, my friends and I went to Kaffivagninn, a simple cafe by the harbor that, unlike many other restaurants in the city center, didn't seem to cater to tourists. Arriving in the late afternoon meant the offerings were slim, but we managed to pick up a few of these mountainous open faced sandwiches topped with a layer of sliced hard boiled egg, lettuce, a bit of tomato, a few chunks of pickled fish (herring, I would guess)... More

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