'KFC Double Down' on Serious Eats

Double Down Throwdown: Our Homemade Version Takes on KFC's

To me, the grossness of the KFC Double Down sandwich is the same as what's gross about all fast food: convenience and quality. It's simply too easy to walk up to a window, hand over five bucks, and get 600 industrially produced calories prepared by a worker who couldn't care less. As a culinary concept, on the other hand, chicken, bacon, and cheese sounds pretty good to me. So what if I were to recreate the Double Down with time and care using quality ingredients? How would it compare to the original? More

Poll: Would You Eat the KFC Double Down Sandwich?

Well, we did. (We did it for you!) KFC released the meat-on-meat Double Down sandwich today. It's two boneless white chicken fillets acting as the bread ends (you have your choice between "original" fried and grilled) with two slices of cheese (Monterey and Pepper Jack), two slices of bacon, and a slather of the "Colonel's Sauce" (a creamy peach-colored goo) inside. We tried both. More

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