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Kansas City's Grinders and Its Tater Tot Chili Pizza, on 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives'

Madness lies ahead, at Eat Me Daily. Kansas City, I love you. I spent my formative years in your metro area. But this nonsense is why we had to break up. You will forever be synonymous with barbecue and pretty little women, but you will never be known as a pizza town. How could you, with this crazy-ass Tater Tot–Chili Pizza at Grinders? The Eat Me Daily weblog has video of the monstrosity. Grinders 417 East 18th Street, Kansas City MO 64108 (b/n Oak and Locust streets; map) 816-472-5454... More

My Pizza Oven: Dan Curry, Kansas City

Last week on Slice, I showed you some photos of a home-built backyard pizza oven in Kansas City with a promise that I'd try to chat with the builder. Here's the result, a quick interview with its builder-owner. Name: Dan Curry Age: 31 Location: Kansas City Occupation: Lawyer I've been told you used eight different kinds of brick and took seven months to build this oven. True? Just two kinds of bricks, fire bricks, and a few regular bricks. I did use five different kinds of concrete.... More

Kansas City Backyard Pizza Oven

A good friend of mine, Andy G., who lives in Kansas City and who I've known since college days, emailed me last Friday: "I'm going to my friend Dan's place for pizza tomorrow. He built his own backyard oven." So earlier this week, Andy emails me a link to some photos of Dan's oven, along with this info: It was amazing. Some of the best pizza I have ever had. He used a good dough recipe and made a great sauce from scratch. But the oven:He used EIGHT different types of brick.It took him over SEVEN months to build.I... More

Spin Doctors

Honey P. is a contributor at our sister site, A Hamburger Today. She's also a one-time resident of The K.C., where her parents still live. She filed this report while on a recent trip to visit them. SPIN NEAPOLITAN PIZZA Location: 6541 West 119th Street, Overland Park KS 66209 (b/n Metcalf and Nall) [map] Phone: 913-451-SPIN (7746); carry-out only Website: spinpizza.com BY HONEY P. .::. When Papa P. said, "I'll tell you where to get the best pizza," on a recent Friday night, you can bet lil' Honey was all ears. (Yeah, so what I chill with the 'rents on weekends,... More

The K.C., Part Two: D'Bronx

Previously on The K.C.: When last I left you, I was clutching my stomach, agonizing over the dearth of good pizza in Kansas City, a.k.a. "The K.C." I had visited three pizzerias in the course of two days and had promised to report on them. Here is the first of those reports. Some dude once wrote that you can't go home again. But that's exactly where I found myself last week, sort of, after touching down in Kansas City and meeting Ma and Pa Slice at the baggage claim carousel. The last time a Slice staffer visited The K.C. was... More

Welcome to The K.C., Bitch

This is how it's done in Kansas City: From Left: A sausage-and-onion pie from D'Bronx. A plain slice from Pizza 51. A plain slice from Joe's. Remember on The O.C., before Luke turned nice, how he kicked Ryan's ass on the beach before delivering the lines that serve as the title and lede of this post? After eating pizza here in The K.C., I feel a bit like Ryan, rolling in the sand, clutching my stomach—with one notable exception so far. On the drive to my parents' house from the airport, we stopped at D'Bronx. E-Rock has already reviewed... More

Bleeding Kansas

At home he feels like a tourist At home he feels like a tourist He fills his head with culture He gives himself an ulcer He fills his head with culture He gives himself an ulcer —Gang of Four, "At Home He's a Tourist" The Tragic Prelude: John Steuart Curry's "The Tragic Prelude" (top), an allegorical mural painted between 1937 and 1942, is familiar to almost anyone who went through public grade school in Kansas. Thousands of the state's children have seen the mural on one field trip or another to the state capitol building in Topeka, where it is... More

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