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Happy Birthday, America! Your Complete July 4th Recipe Guide

We love ourselves a simple cookout with store-bought hot-dogs and beef patties, but when it comes to honoring our country's birthday, we like to go with some time-honored American panache. Not sure where to start? Independence Day may just be mere hours away, but there's more than enough time to cook up a panache-filled storm. We've pulled together dozens—nay, scores!—of our tried-and-true recipes for grilled steak and burgers, homemade hot dogs, veggies, slaws, and classic desserts, plus loads of refreshing drinks to wash it all down.

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40 Main Dishes for Your July 4th Feast

Believe it or not, July 4th is mere days away. Is it just me, or does anyone else hear the majestic spirits of our forefathers calling us to the great outdoors to revel in cold drinks, grilled delicacies, and elaborate pyrotechnics? No? Just excited for the long weekend? Okay, yeah, I guess that works too... More

4th of July: What's on Your Menu?

©iStockPhoto/rojoimages This July 4th the weather forecast is predicting sunny skies all day in my area, so you'll find me basking in the warmth and chowing down on some summer classics. Here's my proposal for a good times menu complete with ribs and rosé! What's on your July 4th menu? Pineapple-Braised Ribs with Honey-Garlic Tomato Glaze: "Succulent, retaining their smokiness while adding a layer of depth with the sweetness from the pineapple braise." The only problem when contributor Josh Bousel made them was that they were gone too fast! As long as I get my six rib share, I'll be happy. Fresh Corn Salad: Corn salad is my favorite side dish when eating outdoors and it makes for a great... More

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