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Sommelier To Go: Three Wines for Brunch

Available only on Serious Eats, our Sommelier To Go, Joshua Wesson, sits down with us and gives suggestions for three kinds of wine to drink with a classic bagel-based brunch. Many people don't think of wine at brunch beyond sparkling wine or mimosas, Wesson says, but a nice Cava, Riesling, or rosé can pair beautifully with a late-morning or early-afternoon meal. More

What's Next, Wine in Sippy Cups?

I spoke to Josh Wesson, grapehead supreme and founder of Best Cellars, about the Three Thieves Bandit Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc he carries in juice boxes (Tetra Paks). I figured if the real wine snobs are crazed about screw caps they must be more than a little annoyed about the juice boxes. But Wesson, ever the democratizing force in the wine business, loves them. "The boxes are completely inert (same innards as milk containers), so there's no reaction with the juice inside," Wesson says. "It's also airtight (until the seal is lifted or broken), so no oxidation is possible. I like them because they're lightweight and less fragile than half or quarter glass bottles. They also chill quickly—as the... More

Sommelier to Go: Wine and Chocolate

Chocolate is delicious whatever its form. You've got intense flavors, bitter flavors, and sugar added to varying degrees. When matching wine to this dessert favorite, these three factors will inform your choice. Just in time for Valentine's Day, Serious Eats's own Sommelier to Go, Joshua Wesson, gives you two great recommendations and some general guidelines. More

Sommelier To Go: Pairing Wine with Burgers

The world of hamburgers: If you're an omnivore, you can't help but end up there at least once a week. When pairing a wine with this iconic dish, it's all about the toppings and condiments. Inside, our Sommelier to Go, Joshua Wesson, throws out some surefire picks to go with a variety of burger styles. More

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