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Chicago Pizza: John's Pizzeria

John's Pizzeria in Bucktown does not serve destination worthy pizza, but in its own special way, the John's experience is worth the trip. You have to know what you're getting into before you go, because the restaurant's very good thin crust pizza is only one component. Though it doesn't come anywhere close to serving my favorite pizza in Chicago, John's is one of my absolute favorite places to eat pizza. More

Daily Slice: John's Pizzeria, Elmhurst, Queens

There are only a handful of celebrated slices in Queens. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe it's that the borough is more residential than most and good slices tend to pop on a local level rather than citywide. One Queens sleeper that's slowly gaining some larger buzz, though, is John's Pizzeria in Elmhurst, where the classic plain slice is satisfying, comforting stuff. More

Pizza TV: Travel Channel's 'Food Wars' Pits Grimaldi's Against John's of Bleecker

Oh, boy. This week the Travel Channel will be airing an episode of Food Wars that pits Grimaldi's against John's of Bleecker. Above is a preview video. There are probably some nits to pick, primarily that the host says "San Marzano tomatoes, in Italy it's the only kind of tomato they're allowed to use by law." I hardly doubt that. I'm sure she got the whole certified DOP/VPN stuff confused. But it's TV — they're always starting trouble ;) Looks like it'll be worth a watch. They've got friend of Slice Mark Bello of Pizza a Casa as one... More

Daily Slice: John's Pizzeria, New York

Ever since Kesté opened in the West Village, it's become the pizza destination of that corridor of Bleecker Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues. But long before Kesté, there was John's Pizzeria, one of the city's old-school coal-oven giants, around, as the awning will tell you, since 1929. And while it's rarely talked about anymore, it still puts out a darn good pie. More

John's Pizzeria: Former Chicago Standout Lives On In Indiana

Serious Eats Chicago contributor Daniel Zemans (of Chicago Pizza Club) checks in with another piece of intel on the Windy City pizza scene. —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Daniel Zemans] John's Pizzeria 247 Ridge Road, Munster, IN 46321 (map); 219-836-8536; theoriginaljohns.com Pizza Style: Thin-crust Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: South suburban institution no longer operating in Illinois but still putting out delicious pies with spectacular sausage Price: Medium with one topping, $16.20 In 1943, Sicilian native Phil Bacino opened John's Pizzeria in Calumet City just south of Chicago. Over the next 60-plus years, the place was an institution that passed down through... More

John's Pizzeria in Jersey City

Homeslice Paulie Gee commented this morning on my John's Pizzeria post of last week, tipping me to something I was unaware of until now. I figured I'd bust it out into its own post just to alert folks: Are you aware the John's has opened a new location just west of the Exchange Place Financial District in Jersey City? I happened upon it yesterday. It's not listed on their website, but it's definitely them. They have the same "No Slices" logo on the sign hanging outside, a coal oven, and the menu looks like the Times Square location's menu.... More

John's Pizzeria, a Familiar Taste

Every so often, I like to hit the old coal-oven giants in the city to see if they're up or down. For the most part, the old boys do killer pizza, the kind of pies serious sliceheads would be perfectly happy with if they weren't so spoiled by the amazing cornucopia of pizza our town has to offer. But I've found over the years that the consistency and quality of the coal-oven venues varies. So I thought I'd give John's Pizzeria on Bleecker Street a try. John's often gets slagged off in the comments on Slice and by various... More

Apple, Give Me an iPhone; I'll Give YOU the piPhone

Yeah, you already know that you can use an iPhone to look up all manner of stuff via the Google Maps feature, but with the new 3G iPhone coming out July 11, GPS is added into the mix. I was poking around on the Apple site last week and noticed that the GPS feature page featured an iPhone trained on the location of John's Pizzeria in Times Square. And in the latest video tour, the gesticulating iPhone Guy looks up P-I-Z-Z-A in Manhattan and clicks on John's. (Video, after the jump.)... More

14th Street and Below: A DJ Bubbles Drive-By

Pizza Box: A new top-5 Manhattan slice contender? Find out below » It's all good in the hood. I am happy to report that the state of the slice below 14th Street in Manhattan could be much worse. I know I haven't hollered at you in a minute, but I've been around town, and I'm about to break it down. In recent weeks, I've traversed all three Villages, SoHo, and several other sub-14 neighborhoods--stopping at joints that haven't been hit by a DJB Drive By and checking in at some of my familiar spots. I've hit up Vinny Vincenz... More

John's Pizzeria Closed by Dept. of Health

John's Pizzeria Closed by Dept. of Health, blogged to Slice from the Flickr photostream of Slice Well, it looks like Yum! Brands is not only responsible for the reprehensible pies belched out by Pizza Hut but also indirectly for the March 1 temporary shuttering of venerable Greenwich Village pizza joint John's, on Bleecker Street. (Yum is the corporate parent of both the Hut and Taco Bell, whose rat infestation of the nearby Village Bell location last week made nationwide news and grossed us all out.) It seems that due to the extensive media coverage of a certain fast food... More

Coal-Oven Pizzerias in New York City

Adam, Any idea just how many pizza ovens in NYC are heated with coal? Mahalo, E.J.F. Dear E.J.F., I know you've emailed a couple times about this, and my apologies for the delayed response—things have been busy at the Slice–Serious Eats office. Anyway, off the top of my head, here are all the ones I can think of. Readers, if I've forgotten any, do let me know in the comments. Hasta la pizza, Adam... More

Pizza Wedding at John's

An interesting note about a quirky wedding just came to my inbox. Hi Adam, Just idly listening to Imus in the Morning, which is a rarity as I usually have Mike and Mike on (ESPN Radio). Today I heard their sports reporter, Chris "The Continent" Carlin (who also broadcasts Rutgers football games), announce that he is marrying Sheryl Spain, a local publicist, this Saturday (or today?). Not a shotgun wedding, as this is apparently not new news. But it's where they are getting married that takes the pie. Yes, a pizzeria. Not just any slice joint either, but John's! Seems... More

AOL Cityguide: 13 Perfect Pizzas Across America

And they are: Zachary's Chicago Pizza: Berkeley, California PIzzeria Regina: Boston Patsy Grimaldi's Pizzeria: Scottsdale, Arizona Vic's Bar & Restaurant: Bradley Beach, New Jersey Tacconelli's: Philadelphia John's: New York City Star Pizza: Houston Imo's Pizza: Saint Louis Home Run Inn: Chicago Mellow Mushroom: Atlanta Windy City PIzza: Tampa, Florida Anthony's Pizza and Pasta: Denver Papreza's Pizza: Henderson, Nevada Well, they say 13 is an unlucky number, right? I mean, only one New York City pizzeria on this list? And it's John's? John's is good, sure, but not the best in NYC. And maybe we should hold our tongue until we've... More

A Slice of Heaven | New York, New York: Center of the Pie Universe

New York is the king of pizza cities. Oh, yes, there are other pretenders to the pizza crown. Naples has its adherents, those who champion that beautiful city's high-lipped, slightly wet pies made in gorgeous wood-burning ovens. Chicagoans love their deep-dish pizza, and it is in fact a mighty tasty casserole, but one kind of pizza does not make a strong enough case for designating a city pizza royalty. New Havenites proudly point to the gorgeous, asymmetrical pies that come out of the coal-fired ovens of Sally's and Pepe's. Those are righteous pies indeed, but, again, you have to be... More

What's Up With John's Pizza on Bleecker? Anything?

What up, home slices? We received an e-mail inquiry over the weekend as well as some comments asking if we knew anything about John's Pizza on Bleecker going through renovations. Word is that half the joint is closed for remodeling. I was too busy over the weekend preparing for travel, so I didn't have time to investigate. Readers? Report! Leave any intel in the Comments section of this post.... More

A Slice of Heaven: A History of Pizza in America

Once upon a time, around the turn of the last century, pizza in America was an inexpensive peasant food, made casalinga (home-style) by southern Italian immigrant women in their kitchens. Adverse economic conditions had forced four million southern Italians to come to America by 1900. Descendents of all the seminal American pizza makers indicated their ancestors learned to make pizza by watching relatives make it at home. In 1905, Gennaro Lombardi applied to the New York City government for the first license to make and sell pizza in this country, at his grocery store on Spring Street in what was... More

A Hero's Journey

About a month ago, Slice received an e-mail from a mysterious gentleman going by the nom de blog of "Lonesome Hero." "You might be interested in the Pizza World Tour I recently went on," he wrote. We were interested, but Slice HQ was busy, too busy to make mention of LH's ambitious tour of the five boroughs in search of the best pizza in each one. Shamefully, the e-mail went unanswered until we were reminded about it when we met the Lonesome Hero at a foodblog event. It's time for us to correct that oversight. Lonesome Hero publishes A Year... More

You Say It's Your Birthday: John's Pizza

JOHN'S DOUGH: John's Pizza of Bleecker has an impeccable pizza pedigree; it can trace its lineage to Lombardi's, New York's original pizzeria. Words By Seltzerboy .::. Photographs By Adam K. .::. Just when you thought pizza parties were restricted to young people and young weblogs, in walks Danny Stiles, surely one of America’s oldest deejays. As he has done for the past few years or so, Mr. Stiles will be having his annual anniversary/birthday “surprise” party at John’s Pizzeria in Times Square. On December 6, Mr. Stiles will welcome an odd mix of celebrities (Uncle Floyd, Bob Grant, and... More

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