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My Pie Monday: Bottarga, Jumbo 'Jet', Bananas, and Much More!

There's a great selection of pies on this fine My Pie Monday! Between the Philadelphia tomato pie from Imwalkin, Mmmph's pizza in teglia, John Wozniak's L&B Spumoni-inspired pizza, Dhorst's fried pie, and dmcavanagh's Jet's-style pizza there's an entire appendix to the pizza style guide. Paul T sends us his first submission from his new wood fired oven. Others in the WFO oven club include TXCraig1, who features what has become for him "pizza crack," and RobynB, who sweetens things up with some cinnamon and sugar bananas. From the looks of Atmast's pie you'd think it comes from a WFO, but the spots her crust sports are the work of her electric oven. Girl Loves Pizza cooks up her BBQ chicken pie, a tried and true favorite and Amusebouche1 gives white bean basil hummus a try. Among the experiments this week, Norma conducts a Pepe's pizza throwdown, Jimmyg works some Kamut flour into his dough, and Flaksman fools around with hydration and oven configuration. More

My Pie Monday: Toaster Oven Calzone, Scaccia Ragusana, and More!

Happy Monday, Slice'rs! Hope you had a great weekend! Let's ease into the week with some pizza, shall we? We've got kng31's gorgeous Nearly-Politan pizza, a spicy Canadian bacon and pineapple pie from Jean B, and an awesome deep-dish pie cooked in a skillet from Dirk of the North. Norma experimented with readymade dough, Kelly Bone made a beautiful calzone in the toaster oven, and Kingkamjoe showed up with a Scaccia Ragusana. Check that baby out! More

My Pie Monday: Boar Sausage, Buffalo Chicken, Deep Dish and More!

What a great source of pizza inspiration My Pie Monday is. This week, we've got a broiler-cooked boar sausage pizza from Celeriac, and an awesomely puffy pie cooked on a Big Green Egg from Linebacker U. We have spinach and hot peppers on a pizza from Ohiosfinest, and a Buffalo Chicken pizza from Ev, plus deep dish from Gregg, and more delicious-looking pies from Lila S., Jean B., ESNY1077, Norma427, and Olsonmatt. More

My Pie Monday: John Wozniak's 'Off-the-Shelf' Neo-Brooklyn Pizza

[Photographs: John Wozniak] Veteran MPM'r John Wozniak says: Attached are some pics from an "off the shelf" neo-Brooklyn-style (not sure what to call it other than that — you can probably come up with a better name. It is a Neapolitan-esque crust but with a bit more sauce and cheese) pie I made on the quick last weekend. After spending the day at Governor's Island we popped into Trader Joe's on Court Street (on our way home) and I grabbed some "fresh" plain pizza dough. I wanted to get some of their canned plum tomatoes, too, but there seemed... More

My Pie Monday: John Wozniak's 'Lo-Fi' Sausage Pizza with Oaxaca Cheese

"One of the reasons (beyond some technical advantages it has over, wetter cheeses) I use the Oaxaca cheese (made in Queens, btw — we have such a wealth of awesome Latin food ingredients in NYC!) and other ingredients is because they are all available within a short walk from my apartment and I don't require going to a specialty grocer for anything (to pull of a solid pie with little fuss). This 'lo-fi' approach is something I really pride myself on." More

My Pie Monday: A Tasty Round Two from John Wozniak

If you've been following today's My Pie Monday submissions you'll already be familiar with John Wozniak's high-quality pizza. John emailed Slice World Headquarters again this morning with a link to some great pics of a New-York-style pie with thinly sliced mushrooms. Check them out below: [Photographs: John Wozniak] Looks good, John! Keep those MPM submissions coming. Want to share your pie? Here are the details on submitting your photo to Slice.... More

My Pie Monday: John Wozniak's Hand-Kneaded White Pie with Blade Steak

I got this MPM last Monday but was so swamped with submissions last week that I didn't get it up until this round. Since then, John Wozniak has been popping up regularly in the comments with great advice, etc. Here's what's going on above: Hi Adam,Attached is a pic of a pie I made that turned out pretty well.It is a white pie that was made with hand-kneaded and -stretched dough (utilizing my own custom recipe) and is topped with Jack, cheddar, and grana padano cheeses; red onion; thin-sliced baby bellas; and (separately cooked medium-rare and added when the... More

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