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Numbers from the 2008 Presidential Race

Slice Adam Kuban 1 comment

As of October 15, Barack Obama's campaign spent $900 on Domino's pizza while John McCain's spent $550. Make of the data what you will.... More

Election Night Party Food

Erin Zimmer 17 comments

Photographs from Huffington Post Staring at the screen tomorrow night, watching as states light up red and blue, will require energy. Depending on the winner, it may also require comfort food. Here's some ideas for your election night party menu: Savory "Right Wings" (recipe) Pork Barrel Tenderloin (recipe) Baked ACORN Squash (recipe) War "Hero" Sandwiches (recipes) Obama's Favorite Chili (recipe) Elitist Foods Involving Arugula (recipes) McCain Frozen Foods (more info) Sloppy Plumber Joes (recipe)... More

YTMND: McCainy Love Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban Post a comment

This is one of the most bizarre submissions to make-your-own-meme site YTMND: McCainy Love Pizzas! The creator has used one of McCain's crazy faces and mashed it up with Ween's unreleased Pizza Hut Jingle "Where'd the Cheese Go?" (Warning: If you're at work, turn down your volume and/or put on headphones.)... More

Pizza at McCain HQ

Slice Adam Kuban 6 comments

GirlSlice: http://www.mccainblogette.com/ GirlSlice: they don't seem to have permalinks GirlSlice: anyway GirlSlice: if you scroll down NYCSlice: yeah. it's nuts. that blog is hard to link to GirlSlice: to the end of the first page GirlSlice: they have a giant GirlSlice: grandma pizza GirlSlice: delivered GirlSlice: it looks like? GirlSlice: I've never seen that big of a rectangular pizza before! NYCSlice: there's a way to find permalinks on that site NYCSlice: but it's screwy NYCSlice: http://www.mccainblogette.com/postings/101008.shtml GirlSlice: have yo uever seen a pizza delivery like that? NYCSlice: not really, but i'm wondering if it's just a trick of the... More

#Suspending Disbelief

Slice Adam Kuban Post a comment

Backstory: Twitter To McCain: Suspend This! Follow Slice on Twitter: twitter.com/Slice... More

Presidential Candidate Cookies

Caitlin Kenney 6 comments

Now that election season is in full swing, the faces of the candidates are showing up everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Check out these McCain and Obama cookies that Chewonthat spotted at a deli in Northbrook, Illinois. There they are right next to Elmo, Snoopy, and SpongeBob. And don't be surprised if the next time you look in a bakery case you see Joe Biden or Sarah Palin staring back at you. The deli, Max and Benny's, says the vice presidential candidates are next. And the Max and Benny's site is promising to sell the cookies online "soon."... More

Why Do McCain's People Need to Hate On Arugula?

Ed Levine 16 comments

©iStockPhoto.com/YinYang When the Obama campaign attacked John McCain for owning seven houses, McCain's people returned fire, calling Obama "an arugula-eating, pointy-headed professor type." We've now moved from the "What's the matter with Kansas?" to the "What's the matter with arugula?" phase of the presidential campaign. If McCain had asked his wife, Cindy, or his blogger daughter, Meghan, I'm sure they would have explained the many benefits of eating arugula. As Christopher Beam wrote on Slate, arugula is "tasty, healthy, popular, American, and an aphrodisiac." It is said to be used extensively in Republican-leaning country club dining rooms all over this great country of ours, and even more important, it is readily available year-round in every area of the country... More

McCain Frozen Foods Co. Launches Ad Campaign with Presidential Candidate

Erin Zimmer 11 comments

The advertising team for Canadian-based McCain, the frozen and packaged spuds company, lucked out when an eponymous politician decided to run for president. They will capitalize on the name recognition with an election-themed campaign called "Why McCain should be in the White House," according to Advertising Age. Since McCain (the food one) doesn't use trans-fatty oils, one campaign slogan will be: "McCain goes to war over oil." Another one: "McCain brings 'smiles' to millions," referencing the company's frozen potatoes with cut-out smiley faces. The company hopes to keep the campaign alive until early November, unless events with McCain (the human being one) make the ads seem old.... More

In Videos: Mott's Applesauce Attacks John McCain

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

While in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania last week, John McCain roamed a supermarket, only to have a shelf of Mott's applesauce tumble over his feet. He was interrupted by the applesauce avalanche while trying to make sense of some mandarin oranges packaging. Watch the video after the jump.... More

Photo of the Day: Obama Pop

Erin Zimmer 1 comment

Photograph from Cybele on Flickr Licking presidential hopeful Barack Obama may seem weird, but if his face tasted like corn syrup, well, American voters might reconsider. Made by Kai's Candy Company, these lollies showcase the dying Japanese art form "kumi ame," or "rolled candy." Obama's lips aren't usually that hot pink, but it's not a bad look. [Via Candy Blog] Related If Obama and McCain Were Food, What Would They Be? Candidate Ice Cream Flavors... More

McCain's Daughter Loves Sonic

A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban 4 comments

"On Wednesday, we traveled from New Orleans to Baton Rouge where Dad conducted a townhall with the Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal. After the townhall, we traveled to Tampa, Florida for a finance event. The girls and I ended the... More

John McCain Is Older Than Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Erin Zimmer 14 comments

Would you vote for someone older than your food? As the Things Younger Than McCain blog points out, Cobb salad, Spam and McDonald's were all born after the septuagenarian Republican presidential hopeful. Most baffling on the list is the chocolate-chip cookie. Seriously? Dinos didn't dunk them in milk after watching Eve eat one? When McCain was one, the Toll House Cookie recipe first appeared in Ruth Wakefield's cookbook. Here's a few other food-related items we came up with, all younger than McCain: Cheerios, M&Ms, Ranch dressing, Denny's, In-N-Out Burger and the frappuccino.... More

Your Pizza, Your Pol

Slice Adam Kuban 7 comments

Yesterday, the New York Times ran a story about "microtargeting," the practice of using purchase data to predict who you might vote for. The paper built profiles of Clinton, McCain, and Obama supporters. In the data were the types of pizza you were likely to buy as a back of each candidate. Hillary Clinton: Amy's Whole Wheat frozen pizza [supporter food profile] John McCain: DiGiorno Stuffed Crust pizza [supporter food profile] Barack Obama: Wolfgang Puck All Natural frozen pizza [supporter food profile] I have a weird thing for Tontino's/Jeno's frozen pizzas. Who the hell am I supposed to vote for?... More

Cart Contents May Predict Who You Vote For

Adam Kuban 12 comments

Unsure who you're voting for in a Democratic primary or in the upcoming U.S. presidential election in November? Your grocery shopping cart may give you some direction. In a practice called microtargeting, "the idea is that in the brand-driven United States, what we buy and how we spend our free time is a good predictor of our politics." Pollsters believe they can plumb the depths of your pantry and predict who you'd pull the lever for. The New York Times takes a look at the technique in its main story in the food section today and then comes up with a food profile for McCain, Clinton, and Obama supporters. Do you fit neatly into one of the profiles? Or is... More

McCain Visits Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gives Tax Refund to Counterman

Slice Adam Kuban Post a comment

The Republican presidential candidate buys a $3 slice, pays with a double sawback, and tells the clerk to keep the change. OK. Maybe it really wasn't a tax refund, but whatevs. He dropped in on Verrazano Pizza in Bay Ridge: 9102 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11209. [Tip o' the hat to Mark H.!]... More

Slice's Endorsements for Presidential Nominees

Slice Adam Kuban 10 comments

I try to keep things at Slice apolitical. After all, even the slimiest of Republicans and the skeeviest of Democrats enjoys good pizza. But this is an important election, and I figure all you homeslices reading the site could use some guidance as to whom the best pizza candidate might be among the front-runners in each party's nomination race.... More

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