'Joe the Art of Coffee' on Serious Eats

Heart of the House: Hyunji Kim, Joe the Art of Coffee

I found Hyunji Kim, a coffee shop barback who works equally as hard at a similar job: making sure dishes are clean, pushing out drinks during rushes, keeping milk stations looking beautiful, and giving invaluable support to her baristas. She left a corporate job at a Big Four accounting firm to follow her very specific dream of working at Joe, accepting not only a salary decrease, but the inevitability that she'd have to start at the bottom rung of the coffee shop ladder as a barback. More

Sugar Rush: Iced Chocolate

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] There are two places in the city where I enjoy "everyday" iced chocolate. This is iced chocolate that isn't obscenely rich, thick, or velvety—it's closer to a chilly glass of milk chocolate, one you can... More

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