'Joe Bayley' on Serious Eats

Meet & Eat: Joe Bayley, Winner of Last Night's 'Chopped'

On last night's episode of Chopped, contestant Joe Bayley cooked his way through two mystery baskets before facing his final challenge: creating a coherent dessert out of an avocado, some coffee liqueur and a honeycomb. His avocado and ginkgo mousse with coffee ganache and lime-infused honey impressed the judges and sent his opponent packing. Bayley collected the $10,000 prize money—but not before yelling "Ten Gs, baby!" into the camera. I caught up with the Chopped champ—a dear friend and FCI classmate—during a rare moment on dry land, as he headed to a bar in Juneau to watch his own victory. Name: Joseph Bayley Location: Afloat in the Gulf of Alaska Occupation: Chef on board the Island Spirit How long... More

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