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Is Los Angeles the Best Jewish Deli Town?

Delis are a lot like religion and politics—be careful what you say or somebody will leave the conversation offended. People take a pretty serious stance on mustard type, knishes, and what city is the premiere deli city. David Sax, author of the blog Save the Deli (and the same-named book coming out in October) has chowed on pastrami in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Paris, London, and Poland, but thinks the magic is really in Los Angeles. There has been no grand decline in the L.A. deli scene. Most are packed, sometimes around the clock…The delis out there are bigger, are more comfortable, and ultimately serve better food than any other city in America, including the best pastrami sandwich... More

In Videos: Most Jewish Delis Named in One Minute

Many of us set personal records, but for David Sax, it's being able to name more Jewish delis than you in a minute. In this video, he achieves his goal according to The Universal Record Database, listing 30 in total, including classics like Zabar's, Stage, Katz's, Ben's, and Gottlieb's. Maybe there's some scientific evidence that corned beef stunts memory loss? Sax is also the creator of the blog Save The Deli, which inspired his same-named book coming out in October, available now to pre-order. The video, after the jump.... More

In Videos: How to Make a Herring Martini

Do you like herring so much, you're willing to get tipsy from it? After a rough day at the office, nothing says relaxation like a herring juice-spiked Grey Goose drink with a herring garnish and squeeze of lemon juice (to cut the fish oils). Jeremy Lebewohl of the 2nd Avenue Deli conceived of this animal, and will hopefully draw the line at corned beef tini. He somehow makes this gross concept look classy, though. The finger snappy music in the background helps. Video, after the jump.... More

The 'Last Supper' at Miami's Rascal House Deli

Wolfie's Rascal House As we mentioned last week, Wolfie's Rascal House in Miami was set for demolition this past Sunday. Today, the New York Times visits the classic old-school Jewish deli on its final night and as the take-apart begins, with patrons buying mementos off the walls and tables. Even if you don't live in Miami or have fond memories of Rascal's—having never been, I certainly don't—you can't help but think of your own favorite holdover from another era and imagine your reaction would be much the same on seeing it fade from the scene. I know I'd be in line in an instant to grab a stool from The Cozy Inn in Salina, Kansas. (But I hope it... More

Another Classic Jewish Deli Bites the Dust: Wolfie's Rascal House

Wolfie's Rascal House Wolfie's Rascal House, the last deli left standing in Miami, Florida, is closing its doors Sunday, according to the great chronicler of all things deli-related, David Sax. Mr. Sax says on his site: The Rascal House, arguably the most famous of all Florida’s numerous Jewish delicatessens, will go into the sunset after one final brunch. Friends who have been in the past weeks have said it’s deserted, and many thought it was already closed. I just called and spoke with the cashier, who, in her wisecracking, war-weary voice, told me that Sunday would be the final day of business. Then the sticky buns and buttery rugelach would go away, as would the towering corned beef sandwiches... More

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