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Daily Slice: Prep's Pizza & Dairy Bar, Ocean City, New Jersey

Slice Adam Kuban 8 comments

Like many of the Jersey Shore boardwalk pizzerias, Prep's Pizza & Dairy Bar is a family affair. Opened in 1965 by Joseph and Catherine Reuben, the pizzeria, whose mascot is a pizza-twirling, cone-toting dinosaur, is run by the couple's grandchildren now. More

Sam's Pizza Palace, Wildwood, New Jersey

Slice Adam Kuban 8 comments

At Sam's Pizza Palace in Wildwood, New Jersey, you always get a slice hot from the oven because the place is always packed and slice-pie turnover is fierce. And I can't recall a time I ever stopped at a single slice. More

Mack's Pizza in Wildwood: The 'Bad Girl' of Jersey Shore Pizzerias

Slice Adam Kuban 19 comments

I fell for Mack's Pizza not for the flavor (even though it's excellent) but for the style and the attitude. It's the bad girl of Jersey Shore pizzerias—Rizzo decked out in her shades, tight black dress, and pink jacket. More

Daily Slice: Manco & Manco, Ocean City, New Jersey

Slice Adam Kuban 14 comments

Visitors returning to the Jersey Shore this summer may get a bit of a what the wha? when grabbing a slice at Mack & Manco's: All three locations on the Ocean City boardwalk (as well as Mack & Manco's Too in Somers Point) have changed their name to Manco & Manco. More

Daily Slice: Mack & Manco's, Ocean City, New Jersey

Slice Caroline Russock 4 comments

If you've ever spent a summer in Ocean City, New Jersey, chances are you're well acquainted with Mack & Manco's. It's the quintessential shore slice, eaten while cruising the boardwalk and dodging what might be the nation's most aggressive seagulls. More saucy than cheesy, it's a slice that tastes like summer, served straight from the heat of oven on to the sun-drenched OC Boardwalk. More

A Sandwich a Day: Pork Roll on a Hard Roll, Who's On Third, Spring Lake, NJ

A Sandwich a Day cakespy 25 comments

After our favorite breakfast sandwiches in America roundup this morning, many of you were clamoring for some pork roll love. Well, here it is! If you haven't spent much time in New Jersey, it's possible you've never sampled the delicacy that is the Pork Roll Sandwich. What is Pork Roll, exactly? Sort of a cross between Canadian Bacon and Spam. More

Scenes from Wing Bowl 2010, Philly's Competitive Wing-Eating Contest

Hot Dog of the Week Hawk Krall 15 comments

"Jersey Shore's Snooki was supposed to be a big element of this year's Wing Bowl but was loudly booed the instant she appeared on stage." [Photographs: Hawk Krall] Every year on the Friday before the Super Bowl, 20,000 drunks converge on South Philadelphia at 6 a.m. for the Wing Bowl, a competitive eating competition gone berserk, which can conservatively be described as pro-wrestling meets Mardi Gras. With chicken wings, adult film stars and, this year, Jersey Shore's Snooki riding a mechanical bull. Wing Bowl was created by WIP sports radio's morning show host Al Morganti in 1993 as a small event in a hotel but has quickly became one of the biggest and most insane competitive eating competitions in the... More

How They Eat at the Jersey Shore

New York Carey Jones 27 comments

How he rolls. [Photos: MTV; Robyn Lee] I'm not sure if I'd want to see these kids near an open flame, but Food & Wine Magazine's blog, Mouthing Off, has a short piece on the cooking exploits of Jersey... More

One Last Chance to Get a Mangieri Pizza in the NYC-ish Area

Slice Adam Kuban 7 comments

This comes to us by way of someone who was shilling in the comments, but it's some hot info so I'm going to take the bait and highlight it ... [Photograph: Undici Restaurant] Tonight in Rumson, New Jersey, for one night only, famed and former UPN pizzamaker Anthony Mangieri will be making pizza one last time on the East Coast before heading to San Francisco. Mangieri has been consulting for Undici Taverna Rustica in this tony Jersey Shore borough (The Boss lives there), supposedly going as far as "tearing apart their kitchen and building an authentic, Naples-style, wood-fired oven." Mangieri... More

In Wildwood, New Jersey, It's Mack's vs. Sam's

Slice Adam Kuban 5 comments

MACK'S PIZZA Location: 3218 Boardwalk (b/n E. Pine and E. Wildwood avenues; map) Phone: 609-522-6166 Location: 4200 Boardwalk (b/n E. Roberts and E. Baker avenues; map) Phone: 609-729-0244 The Skinny: Two locations on boardwalk. Part of the Mack's vs. Sam's Wildwood pizza rivalry. Described as "greasy" by many people we talked to, due in part to the use of cheddar in the cheese blend. SAM'S PIZZA Location: 2600 Boardwalk (b/n E. 26th and E. Juniper avenues; map) Phone: 609-522-6017 The Skinny: On the Wildwood boardwalk. One half of the Mack's vs. Sam's Wildwood pizza rivalry. Sam's is Slice's preference. A... More

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