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Soda: 'Soda Pop Shoppe' Jelly Belly Flavors

It being Valentine's Day, we've got candy on the brain (and in the Serious Eats office). And we're both Jelly Belly fans, but had never tried their "Soda Pop Shoppe" flavors. The little beans sport flavors of Orange Crush, Grape Crush, Dr Pepper, A&W Root Beer, A&W Cream Soda, and 7UP. Here's the thing about soda-flavored candy; sodas have very distinct and often very familiar flavors. A 7UP tastes different from a Sprite, especially when you drink a lot of them. Would these jelly beans taste like the soda flavors they advertise? More

10 DIY Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

All of these costumes are cheap, pretty throw-it-togetherable, and will make other people around you hungry. 1. Food Mascots From left: Sun Maid Raisin girl, Morton Salt Girl, Jolly Green Giant, and the Chiquita Banana lady. [Photograph: Tressa Eaton] Sun Maid Raisin Girl: A bonnet, white blouse, head scarf, and basket full of grapes. (Bonus points for sunshine rays emanating from your body) Morton Salt Girl: Wear a yellow dress (preferably with a huge bow) and hold an umbrella. (Fun fact: that would be our own Serious Green columnist Tressa Eaton in the photo!) Jolly Green Giant: Green shirt, green leaf-bearing toga, and green headband. Act jolly. Chiquita Banana Lady: A woven hat full of fruits piled on top, big... More

Pomegranate Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly announces new Pomegranate jelly beans, now shipping nationwide in the US in time for Easter. Quick recipe, for you Jelly Belly fans: 2 Pomegranate + 1 7UP = Pomegranate Punch. [via GirlHacker's Random Log]... More

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