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Drink This: 5 New Cocktails from JBird in NYC

"This isn't a secret bar," insists Jason Littrell of JBird Cocktails. But first-timers may have a bit of trouble finding this recently-opened Theater District spot. Your journey is rewarded, though, with a comfortable seat on a leather couch overlooking the city and a serious cocktail list designed by Jason Littrell and Marshall Altier. Here's a preview of five cocktails from JBird—along with the recipes to make them at home! More

Sadie Hawkins Sling

You'll have to ask someone to share this one with you—it's definitely big enough for two people. As silly as it looks, served in a pineapple with bendy straws, this cocktail from Jbird in New York is a serious drink, refreshing but spicy and complex. More

The Maddow

This smooth drink is a variation on the Perfect Gin Manhattan (made with half French vermouth and half Italian), but features rich, slightly sweet Old Tom gin. Jason Littrell of Jbird Cocktails in NYC named the drink after Rachel Maddow, in the hope that she'd swing by the bar. More

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